After four years together, the Other Half and I fell pregnant, unexpectedly, at just 24 years old. We weren’t living together at the time and had no idea what to expect. But we got our act together, bought a cot and for my part, read every book under the sun on the subject matter.

So, as well as navigating pregnancy, surviving childbirth, and figuring out how best to persuade a stroppy toddler to eat the spinach curry you’ve slaved over, we’re also living together for the first time, figuring out which bygones are best left and when it’s time to pick up your pitchfork and fight your corner. We’re discovering those adorable little habits on just two hours sleep and trying to agree whether we stay in London or *gasp* move to the country all while doing the online Tesco shop and cleaning an unidentifiable substance off the sofa that came with our rented apartment… (Bye, bye deposit…)

We quickly realised that this parenting lark was a moving goal post. Just as we found our feet with one stage, we were already knee deep in the next and Baby Girl seemed to be running rings round us in no time.

For 18 months, I wrote a blog entitled Bump, Baby & Me, created on the eve of our twenty-week scan. The aim was to find a way to come to terms with navigate and celebrate the new path we found ourselves on.

But after a time, the blog no longer felt relevant to our lives or us as a family. It was very ‘me’ centric and I no longer had a bump or a baby but a toddler dancing round and talking back and a close knit family unit that included more than just us three.

We are the quintessential twenty-first century family. Ie, non-nuclear, technology-enabled, cross-cultural and multi-generational… basically, there’s nothing regular about us.

The OH and I are twenty-somethings; both our parents are divorced, and so our daughter has seven grandparents (ranging from 48 to 68, one from Mauritius, one from Tennessee and one currently living in Azerbaijan) and three great-grandmas, (one of whom is 102 and still makes the Christmas puddings from scratch every year!). Baby Girl also has an eleven-year-old Uncle and an eight-year-old Auntie. And that’s just the immediate family.

We are an unusual family brought together by one wonderful little girl. Join us as we find our feet.


Looking for how to contact me? Or maybe you just want to see the The Best of Finding Our Feet

You can also see my written and photography projects and my new #ParentsAtWork series via the navigation bar at the top. 

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  1. doriandean says:

    Hi! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award as I was nominated by a blog named Stylish Affairs. My post with a description of your wonderful blog is here:


    I had a nomination a bit back, so I only nominated others instead of following the “rules” for the award, but you can find them here:

    Thank you so much for having such a wonderful site! I will enjoy continuing to read.

    Dorian and her Mama

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