Let the #LittleBookwormAdvent begin!

December is here at last! And the Christmas fairy within me has been set free!

This year, to celebrate Advent, we’re doing a Book Advent, where Little Miss receives a different Christmassy book every day. For our Little Bookworm, we figured there is probably nothing better. (And we’re looking forward to something new to read!)

After planning our December and Christmas fun for weeks and weeks, I’ve ended up completely on the back foot this week. I had a whole stack of books squirrelled away, but with being up north for Grandmo’s funeral two weeks ago, then a particularly busy couple of weeks at work, I hadn’t given any thought to how we would actually present said books.

Given we’re trying to be less wasteful this December, we bought a single gift bag that we’ll reuse every day of Advent to house her new book. Perhaps not as impactful as a pile of beautifully wrapped books (and as someone who takes great pride in her wrapping, this hurts me real deep) but it was cheaper and better for the environment. 

Growing up, we never had this Elf On The Shelf business. Though mom did always used to say “the elves are watching, Amie” (which in hindsight is equally creepy). We never saw the elves – they would come silently in the night, or hide behind books on shelves checking you were being good. They were too shy to come out into the open and they didn’t have time for antics and hanging around – they had to dash back to the North Pole to help Santa get all the toys ready! Besides, 

“You don’t need to see to believe, Amie….”

…as my mom always said… (which also meant I was nine before I started to even started to question whether this tall tale about a fat man coming down a chimney was actually real!)

Little Miss is still of an age where she doesn’t remember last year, so it’s all fresh and exciting – again! (Which is really handy, as we can use Christmas books she got given last year as part of the Book Advent! Win!)

So, because I’m basically turning into my mother, I’ve been chattering about elves without even thinking about it this week, ready for December 1. 

Thursday being my work from home day, we had thought we might kick off in the morning. But given my lack of organisation and the fact the Other Half was in bed hanging from his Christmas do the night before, I took the executive decision that elves don’t come in the night… they only come when you’re out so we’d have to get ready for nursery super quick and get out of the house so the elves might come! (Because it’s always a might – never a given.) 

We even agreed Lambie should stay home and keep watch for the elves, to make sure they came.

When I picked Little Miss up from nursery, all she talked about were the elves;

Where de elves? Where de elves? Are de elves at our house? Where de elves? Are de elves for me? Where de elves? 

Given our drive home is about six minutes, she definitely eeked out every possible second for questions…

The OH (now recovered) was waiting for her when we got in – we opened the front door and there by the fire place was a pile of Christmas jumpers and a little bag of goodies… 

Little Miss sorted through the bag, dividing everything between us all – Christmas jumpers and Christmas socks for everyone, a pair of Christmas pants for Daddy and three Christmas books. 

December 1

Aliens Love Panta Claus, by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg

I Spy Christmas, by Jean Morzollo and Walter Wick

I couldn’t decide on just one for the first day. I wanted a classic, but also something that would really delight Little Miss. And then I spotted the I Spy book a friend gave us for Little Miss’ first Christmas and thought that would be a fun one to have out too… So I just went for all three! 

Yes, every day throughout December, Little Miss will be receiving (for ‘the elves’) a Christmas story. Some days there a little extra or a prop to go with it, others it’s just the book. 

On Tuesday, (the day Little Miss has a sleepover at my mom’s) we came home from work to find the elves had been extra busy this year, however. And they’d left a pile of presents in the fire place for the whole family – one to open every day between now and Christmas. The OH and I laughed as we both looked at each other and said, “did you do this?!”. 

Sadly, the Christmas magic didn’t last long as my mom doesn’t try to disguise her handwriting like she did when I was a kid! (Yes, we were brace enough to give my mom a key to our house – so far, as you can see, this is going well for us!) I look forward to flicking through my Christmas Good Housekeeping to plan recipes and cocktails for Christmas this weekend! (Thanks Mama!) 

December 2nd’s present looks mighty small… I wonder what it will be…

Little Miss shouting up the chimney saying thank you to the elves

“THANK YOU ELVES!” Shouting up the chimney in her new Christmas jumper.

Keep up to date with Little Miss’ Advent fun on Instagram. Either follow @findingourfeet, or search the hashtags #LittleMissAdvent (you can see last year’s fun with this one too!) or #LittleBookwormAdvent.


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