Monday funday………

How is it that there is never a dull moment?Hair in a quick twist bun on top of my head.

When I got on the train to work today, I was going to start your Mondays with a giggle about how Little Miss called my bun a bird’s nest this morning (see right). She stood on the bed behind me as I expertly twisted my hair into a bun like I have a hundred times before, only for her to try and stick things in it saying they were in the nest! The OH tried to make better by saying she’s probably only ever seen perfectly formed cartoon birds’ nests… I’m not sure he succeeded…

But then I walked out of my house, fell ass over tit and took about a 10p piece bit of flesh from my knee. The OH and Little Miss walked out of the house to find me sat on the curb bleeding, swearing (rather a lot) and in need of some new tights.

Make shift bandaged knee It was at this point we realised we don’t own a first aid kit. 

So this is our make shift job with Savalon, a cotton pad and sellotape until I can get to work! 

So having all been about to actually leave the house on time, only mildly stressed… we ended up late, injured and stressed.

And to top it off Little Miss dropped and smashed her magic potion [aka: empty jam jar].

Happy Monday all!


4 thoughts on “Monday funday………

  1. dadult says:

    Is Monday “faceplant” and “mess your knee up” day? I was confronted by a lady with a massive dog, who, by description of the owner was “totally friendly” and ended up attacking mine, which lead to the same result you showed in your pics…. minus the tights…

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