Little Miss goes to ballet classes {The Wonderful Ordinary 27}

So, following on from the other weekend, the ballet obsession continues. 

Little Miss has now watched various excerpts from the Sleeping Beauty ballet numerous times as well as Swan Lake, and I’ve started introducing The Nutcracker too – because, you know, it’s nearly Christmas… Ish…

She loves them all. Hall of the Mountain King is still a firm favourite, however, which sees Little Miss stomping round the house like a troll very proudly. (Trolls are currently a big phase thanks to this song as well.) 

So, on Saturday, we took Little Miss for a trial ballet class. 

On Friday evening, we explained we were taking her to a ballet class in the morning. Being pizza night, she was relatively distracted, so it wasn’t quite the reaction I was hoping for. But she seemed to like the idea. 

We read Angelina Ballerina and Marinette at the Ballet before bed to set the scene (and again the next morning) and she went to sleep dreaming of ballet slippers and sugar plum fairies (I assume). 

The class was at 10am just down the road from us. Little Miss doesn’t yet have a ‘proper’ ballet outfit (I figured her existing frothy peach tutu is probably a bit full on for a toddler dance class!) so I dug out a top my cousin (about fifteen years my junior) gave her as a hand me down with ballet slippers on it so she felt she looked the part. Toddler in ballerina top

She was thrilled with her special ballet top, and even proudly showed the teacher at the beginning of the class. 

Allthe other parents disappeared but seeing as this was her first class and a trial, we stayed to watch. (And there was no way I was missing her first ballet class!) The little school hall was was freezing; we sat in our coats, and me in my bobble hat! The poor girls looked perished perished at the start and Little Miss kept her hands tucked up inside her sleeves most of the lesson, even after I put her hoodie on!

The Other Half had to sit with Little Miss for registration while she acclimatised (much to my amusement – though he didn’t dress appropriately at all) but once they all stood up, she seemed content to take the teacher’s hand and the OH joined me on the sidelines. 

It was just so lovely. We got a couple of big smiles as they ran around in a circle, though she moved at half the pace of everyone else. 

She kept her head down, shy, looking at her hands a lot of the time, which I couldn’t decide if she was putting it on (as she seemed happy to join in and smiled very genuinely at us a few times) or if she was a bit unsure. She was the youngest in the class, with most of the girls being four or five, so no one would have blamed her for being a bit overwhelmed!Toddler ballet classShe didn’t come and sit with us once, she never looked at us unsure or tried to stop. She just carried on, a very serious look on her little face as she watched the teacher and took it all in.

Afterwards, we asked Little Miss if she’d had fun and she nodded. We asked her if she’d like to go back again, she nodded more vigorously. And then suddenly piped up,

“I go to ballet class and I wear my ballet slippers but it’s not real ballet.” 

It seems we may have raised her expectations a little too high with all the YouTube clips! I think she thought she’d be doing pirouettes and arabesques by the end of the morning! Whoops! 

I started ballet, I think, at age four or five and within a year, I refused to go anymore because ‘it was girlie’ (despite still enjoying watching ballet?!) – something I secretly regretted later in my teens. So it will be interesting to see over the next few years whether Little Miss has a genuine passion for ballet or if it’s just a fad…


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