Little Children’s Music Book, Usborne Noisy Books {Little Bookworm 10}


Last Christmas, my Dad & H got Little Miss Usborne’s Little Children’s Music Book (I know – the most non-descript title on the planet).

Last Christmas, she was nearly two, now (and this may come as a shock to some of you) she’s nearly three. But it has lasted the year, grown with her and ultimately, it has been one of our favourite books of the year. And I can see it lasting for quite a few years more yet.

The story follows five woodland animals who are practising their parts for a concert in the woods. Each page focuses on a different animal and their instrument, introducing little ones to not only slightly different animals than usual (ie, not a cat, dog, rabbit and duck) but also instruments and talking about music beyond your standard (mind-numbing) nursery rhymes.

Fox bows his violin, Squirrel blows her flute, Weasel strums his guitar, Mole taps his glockenspiel and Badger plays the piano.

SONY DSC(Try getting a not-quite-two-year-old to say ‘glockenspiel’. Hours of fun right there!) Raccoon also heads up the gang as conductor.

But let’s be honest, shall we? We’re all sick of the all singing, all dancing, brightly coloured plastic in our lives that blares whiney, slightly shouty, voices ‘singing’ only-just-in-tune nursery rhymes at us.

And this book is the perfect antidote.


The illustrations are lovely, the story is sweet, it’s a great length keeping Little Miss entertained and engaged both at 20 months and now at nearly age three.

But where this book really shines for me is that the noisy buttons play actual music by the different instruments, meaning Little Miss is starting to differentiate more complex sounds (not just being able to tell a ‘quack’ from a ‘moo’) and it’s not super irritating to read/listen to.

I’ve been so impressed with this book that I’ve added the Little Children’s Christmas Music Book to our Book Advent this year. (More details to come on that very soon!)

You can purchase Little Children’s Music Book on Amazon, at Waterstones or alternative British online booksellers, Books Please!. Alternatively, support your local book store and ask them to order it in for you.



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