Sleepy Halloween…

This evening, I left work early (i.e., 5pm…) specially to take Little Miss Trick-or-Treating for the first time. I was so excited. 

Living in London, in a block of flats, it just wasn’t really feasible. But now, in a house; in a family orientated little town, surely there’d be trick-or-treating?!

For me, growing up in the States, this is one of my all time favourite times of the year. It’s almost as good as Christmas… 

So imagine my disappointment when the Other Half and Little Miss picked me up from the station (on route back from nursery) and she was so exhausted from the Halloween party at nursery today, she said she didn’t even want dinner, she just wanted to go to bed. 

I was utterly gutted. 

We were upstairs reading a bedtime story in the tipi by 6:45. Unheard of.

Maybe next year then Little Miss…

Of course, that didn’t stop me from putting our pumpkins out and welcoming other (more awake) Trick-or-Treaters! 

But I have to admit, I was was at a loss in Tesco, unsure what to get to give our spooky visitors.

See, we don’t really give Little Miss sweets – I know, I know, we’re cruel Sugar Nazi parents – they’re kept for very special occasions. And she doesn’t have chocolate due to her lactose intolerance (though likely that too would come under the household sugar laws enforced by the OH and 80% supported by me… I have a sweet tooth. And sometimes Mama needs a digestive!) And it felt somewhat hypocritical, not to mention mega harsh on Little Miss, to give these kids stuff I wouldn’t give my own daughter.

So, I ended up with flapjacks, gluten & dairy free jam tarts (originally planned for part of LM’s special Halloween dinner, I was going to draw a little jack-o-lantern face on the orange one… Oh what could have been…) and carrot cake naked bars.

We only got two groups of T-o-Ts, but I was pleased to see all of them were thrilled at the prospect of a jam tart! (So British.) So I think we did good, despite the lack of sweets.


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