Little Miss Ballet {The Wonderful Ordinary 26}

Last weekend, while the Other Half was on his boys’ week away, Little Miss and I had a suitably girlie weekend.

As well as all the crafty business and Aquadoodling, we were dancing round the kitchen – a relatively usual pastime in our house – but this weekend, Little Miss discovered ballet.

It all started with a musical book she has about the orchestra. It features Beetoven’s 5th Symphony (you know, “DA DA DA DAAAAA, DA DA DA DAAA…”) and on each page it introduces you to different parts of the song and different instruments and you click the corresponding button on the right to hear the instrument play its part. (FYI, she likes the clarinet and the violin.) It’s probably a bit old for her really, but she really likes it.

So, after a while of reading this book, I got a video up on YouTube of an orchestra playing the song so she could see it ‘for reals’. She loved it. Each time the camera zoomed in on an instrument, she’d either shout out what it was or ask me to remind her. She was so excited.

Then I found a video of ballerinas dancing to the same song. And that’s how it started. She was utterly entranced (much to my delight, I’m not going to lie). And before we knew it, we’d watched about a third of Swan Lake!

After that, she was dashing about dancing like a ballerina. She had her arms above her head, even gracefully waving like a swan’s wings without me really saying much at all! She’s always had a real sense of rhythm (we have a brilliant video of her at nine months old, crawling along then suddenly rocking back and forth in time to Shake It Off when the intro starts with the biggest smile on her face! Best moment ever!) and has always loved music. But I was surprised how quickly she just took to the style; she moved with the music, moving her whole body, not just her arms and feet, slowing when it quietened, gasping and dashing about when it went staccato.

Last Christmas, Nana H gave her a gorgeous, peach coloured tutu. But I haven’t been able to get Little Miss in it at all, barely even long enough to get a photo for Nana H!

Well, part way through dancing round the kitchen, she remembered said tutu. She even requested ballerina hair. And for the next few days, I couldn’t get her out of it…

She’s even asked to dress up as a ballerina for Halloween.


Running on tiptoes in a circle like the swans – even flapping her arms like the ballerinas on the video.


Getting a bit sassy, swishing her tutu!


And leap! (Lunge?)




Such a natural feel for the music, Little Miss slowed and dipped exactly when the music did.


And to finish, gracefully waving her arms like a swan, running on tiptoes in a circle again.

In the car, yesterday, my mom put on Peer Gynt’s Hall of the Mountain King (you’ll know it when you hear it, I had to Google it too) – apparently Little Miss loved it. She was shouting, “I can hear the troll stomping!”. Which if you think about it, you really can in that piece of music! Then they played Sleeping Beauty, which she also loved.

So, I think I know what Little Miss is getting for Christmas…

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6 thoughts on “Little Miss Ballet {The Wonderful Ordinary 26}

  1. Amie Richards says:

    Aw I can just imagine the dancing to shake it off! My Amelia has just started gymnastics and I’m so excited for her to ballet too when she’s a bit bigger and pays more attention! #MyCapturedMoment

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