Review & Giveaway: Aquadoodle – the perfect solution for the uncrafty parent!

18 months ago, Little Miss got an Aquadoodle for her first birthday. As her birthday is relatively close to Christmas, we put it away for a few months and brought it back out closer to the 18 month mark (when the box said it was suitable from). We figure, it’s nice to have new things throughout the year, and while she’s this young, she won’t remember what she opened in a couple of days anyway!

Well. The Aquadoodle was a hit from the off. Little Miss loved it!

Now, I am not artistic. Creative, yes. Artistic and crafty, not so much (as you can see from my painful attempt at a… ummm.. errr… In truth, I have no idea what I was trying to draw on the Aquadoodle in the photo above! In my defence, that photo was taken over a year ago!).

Sadly, all children appear to love crafting. It’s messy, it’s creative, it’s exciting… But the Aquadoodle is like the perfect middle ground. They’re tricked into thinking they’re getting all crafty (when in reality, they’re just getting creative) and I have five minutes spare to go make a cuppa and even have a sip before Little Miss has me sprawled on the floor drawing [edit: attempting to draw] Upsy Daisy or a dinosaur on the Aquadoodle too! (Maybe it’s a dinosaur above? But what’s with it’s back leg? I mean, that’s a really bad dinosaur even for me!)

So imagine my delight when the lovely folk at Come Round asked me to review the Aquadoodle! Reviewing a product we fell in love with 18 months ago is like asking me explain why I love chocolate cake. (I.e., easy.)

Little Miss was thrilled on Saturday morning to come downstairs to a new Aquadoodle mat – this time with neon colours!

When you first look at it, it’s a blank, white mat – very unexciting. But oh, the possibilities that come for a toddler with anything blank and white! (I really wish we didn’t have a white sofa…)

It comes with some weird squidgey-nibbed pens and some stamps… Twist the top off the pens, pour in some water, seal them up again and start drawing on the mat… Magic! Colour appears wherever water touches the mat. Once it dries, the colour disappears again leaving you with a clean slate for the next masterpiece.

Come Round provided us with the new Aquadoodle Deluxe Neon to review and I’m happy to say it’s just as good as our tried and trusted Aquadoodle from 18 months ago (just in better condition, not having been savaged by an over eager toddler!). The stamps have also been redesigned and are much more effective now, not to mention easier to use than the old design (which required to to attach it to the pen an all sorts). But I was a smidge disappointed there was only one pen included the box, now (there was two when we got ours) as it means Little Miss and I can’t draw together and instead have to share the pen… (I realise I’m supposed to be better at sharing than this by now.)


The new, redesigned Aquadoodle stamps get the thumbs up from us. 

Aquadoodle is actually really good fun even for the least artistic of parents. We’ve spent hours on our Aquadoodle over the past 18 months (though one of the pens never  held quite the same attraction after our friend’s toddler was sick after eating a punnet of blueberries all over it! Ah, the joys of toddlers!).

Win an Aquadoodle!

Seeing as we’re such big fans of the Aquadoodle, it seemed only fair that I should introduce one lucky reader to the joys it has to offer as well.

To enter, all you have to do is tell this uncrafty Mama your biggest crafting horror story in the comments section of this blog post before 9pm on Sunday, October 30, 2016.

Good luck!

Prize Draw T&Cs: 
  1. UK residents only. One entry per person. 
  2. The giveaway opens at 9am on Sunday, October 23, 2016 and closes at 9pm on Sunday, October 30, 2016.
  3. To enter, entrants must comment on this blog post, telling a real life craft ‘horror story’ or why they don’t enjoy crafting with their kids. 
  4. The winner will be announced on the Finding Our Feet Facebook Page within seven days of the giveaway closing. If the winners cannot be contacted or do not respond or are not in a position to accept the prize within 28 days of the giveaway closing, the Promotor may at its absolute discretion withdraw the prize entitlement and select an alternative winner.
  5. The prize: one Aquadoodle Colour Deluxe, RRP £25.

7 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: Aquadoodle – the perfect solution for the uncrafty parent!

  1. kwillmer says:

    Haha your drawing is far better than my attempt would be. 3 months ago my one and only attempt at being one of those ‘crafty’ mum’s completely failed with the sensory board that looked more like the recycling bin had puked up over the floor… damn you Pinterest!! 😂

  2. Jade Hewlett says:

    I work with children and attempted to make 3D models with them a few weeks ago with the Ido3d sets. To me it looked like we’d just made a massive mess but the children have since been asking for it out again which I dread as it is a nightmare to clean up all the sticky mixture which is only dried by a special blue light! At least they had fun but I think we’ll stick with simpler crafts in the future. (We don’t seem to have anything to show for it either as most of them broke)

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Hi Jade, congratulations! You are the lucky winner of the Aquadoodle mat! But there’s no contact details attached to your comment profile. If you could please email me ( your postal details by November 20, 2016, I will get your prize in the mail for you. I hope you have lots of mess free fun with your little ones!


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