Two Lambies!

When Little Miss was born, some old friends gave her Lambie. 

She got given a few other similar snuggly toys, but Lambie was the one who stuck. He’s always been there. From quite early on, it became clear he was the favourite. Sure, Little Miss has had dalliances and fancies with other toys – Mog the bunny had a very good innings, Doggy and Big Bunny had their time in the sun – but Lambie is the constant, the one true love.

So, about a year ago, we bought a spare Lambie, just in case Lambie should ever find himself no longer with us… 

Then this summer, Little Miss found Spare Lambie….

Aaaaan now we have two Lambies.

By the time we got round to buying a spare, Jojo Mama Bebe had changed the design slightly, so Spare Lambje was slightly bigger. This led to him being affectionately known by LM as ‘Big Lambie’. And the original, slightly jaded, always-tinged-slightly-grey Lambie has become known as Little Lambie. 

From what I’ve heard from the Other Half, slowly, LM has worked it so that Little Lambie comes in the car to nursery most days. He then sits in the car seat and waits for her and is waiting to hear about her day when the OH picks her up that evening. 

But this week, while the OH is in Germany on his boys’ holiday and I’m manning the nursery run for a change, it seems that not only are two Lambies coming in the car with us to nursery, but on two occasions, they’ve both ended up at nursery for the day with her as well! 

One of her little besties – F – also has a Lambie and Little Miss was keen to show him her two Lambies on Monday. (To make him jealous?! Evil child.) 

I’m not generally considered a soft touch, but she just seems to disregard my attempts to wrestle (and sometimes I really mean wrestle) Lambie(s) off her. This morning for instance, she just said, “No.” As if I was utterly insane for suggesting she shouldn’t take Lambie(s) to nursery and marched out of the house to the car.

How does the OH manage it each day? Or maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he pretends and in actual fact, Lambie(s) go to nursery every day?! Now wouldn’t that be an unexpected twist… 


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