Our long weekend in the New Forest – in pictures

The other weekend, we went on a long awaited weekend away to the New Forest. We booked it nearly five months ago using Tesco Clubcard vouchers- a proper long weekend away, we took half the day off on Friday and everything. We’ve been looking forward to it for ages.

Of course, little did we know that we’d be up and down to Sunderland for Grandma every weekend for the last month and actually would have really appreciated a weekend at home! But they say a change is as good as a rest… And we really did have a lovely time.

I’ve been to the New Forest lots of time – it’s one of those places my parents took me to regularly as a kid, but the Other Half and Little Miss (obviously) had never been. So there was something extra special about the weekend for me sharing all the places from my memories with them. Complete with donkeys. Of course.


Ready to go! (Turns out, even if you take the afternoon off on a Friday to miss the rush hour traffic, you still get stuck in Friday traffic at 2pm… The drive should take 1.5 hours… 3 hours later…)


Hey there!


I don’t think Little Miss has been this up close and personal with horses before. I wouldn’t say she fell in love with them, but she certainly was intrigued.


Until they were in the town – that was just shocking! [Beaulieu, Hampshire]


“I’m tired…”


After the perfect pub lunch, Little Miss fell asleep in the car (winning!) and we parked up on the coast and watched a storm roll in off sea, over the cliffs. We read our books and listened to podcasts for about an hour and a half – it was an awesome naptime! Just before Little Miss woke up, the storm passed and the sun broke through just in time for a coastal walk. (It didn’t last long as the wind was so strong poor Little Miss could barely stand up, let alone run in a straight line! 


Heading back to the car after Little Miss got a bit over zealous in the waves… Good job we travel with spare changes of clothes and shoes! (Mind, that wouldn’t have been necessary if I’d remembered her waders…… Oops…)


Back to the heath, hunting for horses (apparently mushrooms are far more interesting!). 


Getting lost in the forest. (Only, not quite, because we hadn’t master the pee-in-the-bush manoeuvre yet when we went to the New Forest so we couldn’t stray too far from the car in case Little Miss needed the potty. She can go an hour (an hour and a half at a real push), which at a toddler’s pace, you don’t get far in that time! But still, it was lovely to explore. 


Daddy lining up the perfect shot while hunting for fairies at Furzey Gardens


The OH’s solution when we realised we forgot the tripod…


And of course, the latest edition to our Finding Our Feet In… collection. Think this sums up the weekend pretty well! Wellies, muddy puddles and wet feet!

Love you New Forest. We’ll be back!


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