The Night the Stars Went Out {Little Bookworm 9}


This summer we were lucky enough to receive a copy of the brand new book, The Night the Stars Went Out by Suz Hughes.

I’m always nervous when I receive products to review – what if we don’t like them? It’s awkward to have to write to the sender and say you won’t be writing a review, etc, etc.

But with this book I had nothing to worry about. Little Miss fell in love with it from the very first read and we’ve since read it again and again and again and again… And again…

The “alilen” [‘alien’ for anyone who doesn’t speak Toddler] has completely captured her imagination and she was running round her room with Lambie and Mog saying they were (*spoiler alert!*) “floating like the alilen!” by the second read.


The illustrations are modern, with speech bubbles and bold colours. Hughes doesn’t restrict herself to standard page spacing either, often using a double page spread to bring her story to life.

The story is lovely and original (though the ending for some might be a little twee) focussing on friendship, and reminding both children and parents that work isn’t everything in life…

Safe to say The Night the Stars Went out is a delightful new addition to our bookshelf, one that we will be reading for a long time to come, I’m sure.

Brand new this October (2016), you can find The Night the Stars Went Out via Amazon or special order via your local bookstore for £6.99.

But don’t just take my word for it. Hear what Little Miss has to say (albeit briefly, being a toddler!):


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