“Sit nex a me!” {The Wonderful Ordinary 25}

We’ve had to cancel Little Miss’ early morning starts at nursery. It was just too difficult to get us all ready and out of the house by 7:20 and 90% of the time the OH couldn’t get her there until 7:50 anyway – by which time we might as well just wait ten minutes and not pay and extra £5 per day for thirty minutes we weren’t using. 

Mornings are still uber hectic, and we rarely manage to have breakfast as a family – something we were really keen to continue doing after I returned to work to ensure there was at least one family meal a day. But when none of you are morning people, in hindsight, family breakfast before 7:30 might have been a tall ask! But we’ll keep trying.

The upside to all this is that about two mornings a week, mornings somehow manage to align so the OH can drop me at the station en route to nursery, giving Little Miss and I about four minutes extra during the day. She loves it and always insists I sit next to her in the back. And even though it’s only four minutes, I rather enjoy it too. 


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