Conversations with Little Miss, No. 8

During a fractious, over tired bedtime with lots of tears, I’d finally managed to calm her down with a cuddle and a lullaby I’ve been singing since she was a bump… 

Mama: …as the clouds go by-

LM: Why the clouds go by?

Mama: Um, it’s a windy night. 

LM: OK. 

Mama: Sail baby sail, out across the sea-

LM: Why the baby cross the sea? 

Mama: He’s on an adventure. 

LM: I like the sea. I go cross the sea. 

Mama: One day, yes. 

LM: Baby likes the sea. 

Mama: Yes she does. 

LM: She tired now. 

Mama: Yeh, she is. 

LM: She in the drawer now. 

[FYI, she’s talking about her baby doll who she had put to bed in the bottom drawer so, I quote, “she was safe” – from what, and why the drawer ensured her safety, I’m not quite sure.] 

Mama: Yes she is. [Give up on the lullaby.] Night, night Little Miss..


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