The first weekend of Autumn {The Wonderful Ordinary 24}

Autumn is by far my favourite season. Yes, flip flops are my solemates (see what I did there?), but nothing beats Autumn.

The weather – warm enough that you don’t need a coat, but cool enough that you’re not sweating from every pore of your being and can warm your hands on a hot coffee as you listen to the pitter patter of rain on the window. Perfection.

Welly walks, sunshine through the leaves as they drift slowly to the ground, Halloween, pumpkins, crunchy leaves, stews and BBQs in big cosy jumpers. What’s not to love about Autumn?!

Well, last weekend, I am extremely happy to say (if that wasn’t clear already) was the first weekend in Autumn. And by pure chance we also had a free weekend, which was a nice change of pace!

So we celebrated with the first welly walk of the season. Little Miss was in her element, running through the forest, building wigwams out of sticks and logs, sipping coffee (the Other Half and I, not Little Miss!) and searching for muddy puddles (which sadly, there were none after the dry week beforehand).

Little Miss (toddler) running free through the forest on the first wellie walk of the season.

Little Miss running free through the forest.

We love our welly walks. They’re a treasured family pastime for us that started in the small wooded park behind our London apartment and now continue through the Hertfordshire countryside.

A friend once read that everyone has a ‘homeland’. My mom’s is most definitely the sea, the Other Half I think is the countryside but mine seems to be the forest. (Which if you pay any attention to zodiac signs – which, of course, I don’t……. – makes total sense for both The OH and I as we’re Capricorns, i.e., Earth signs. Little Miss is a fish, and so far is rather fond of the bath, beach and pool, so we’ll see how her preference progresses… I digress!)

I don’t think I’d realised how much I had missed our welly walks this summer until we were back amongst the trees in the cooler air this weekend. For me, this weekend was honestly the ultimate Wonderful Ordinary moment.

Mama and toddler walking through the woods in matchinf red wellies.

Matchy, matchy! I love my red wellies, but Little Miss is due to grow out of her’s any day now.

With Autumn, comes another favourite pastime – baking. Back in the day, I used to bake something different every week, whatever the weather. But since having Little Miss, that’s fallen well and truly by the wayside. But Autumn was always my peak season, with  warming walnut loaves, Halloween treats and Christmas planning underway.

Now Little Miss is older, she’s shown a real interest in cooking and baking [edit: getting messy and eating cake mix] so we also made some dairy free rock buns this weekend, much to Little Miss’ delight.


“Massaging” the butter (Little Miss’ words, not mine!).

I thought I would find baking with Little Miss a bit stressful – I mean, there’s no way a two year old would successfully ice even a coffee cake, let alone help me create a Minion cake! But actually, I really enjoyed myself and was surprised by her patience and the care she took gently rubbing the butter into the flour, etc.

Homemade rock buns cooling on a tray

Little Miss’ dairy free lemon zest rock buns – they were delicious!

I definitely see more baking escapades in our future (though I’ll be keeping things simple with Little Miss for a while! We’ll build her up to a Chocolate Ganache!)

toddler watching the rain

Watching the rain – a girl after my own heart. (Look at those pigtails!)

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4 thoughts on “The first weekend of Autumn {The Wonderful Ordinary 24}

  1. Lisa@IntoTheGlade says:

    It looks like a perfect weekend! We love woody welly walks too which is a good job with having a dog. Oh yes to Autumn baking, my favourite sort too! A lovely #mycapturedmoment xx

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