Conversations with Little Miss, No. 7

Lactose Intolerant toddler looking at chocolate selection in a shop

When Little Miss discovered the chocolate selection at the service station…

One from our road trip to Sunderland last weekend… 

Having a run around in the shop at a service station after being in the car for approx three hours, and still another three to go…

LM: What’s dat Mummy?

Me: A Whispa.

LM: What’s dat Mummy?

Me: A Whispa Gold.


Me: It’s like a Whispa, but different.

[Satisfied, LM continues down the line.]

LM: What’s dat Mummy?

Me: A Dairy Milk bar.

LM: What’s dat Mummy?

Me: They’re all chocolate Baby Girl, they have lactose in them.

LM: Oh…

[sighs, turns and wanders off utterly disinterested]

We are so lucky (and grateful). We have reached a point with Little Miss where, she doesn’t understand what lactose is, she knows it makes her tummy hurt.

I’ve been really consistent since day one, saying ‘it has lactose in it; you can have lactose; it hurts your tummy’ and, thankfully, it seems to have paid off.

Whatever it may be – cake, ice cream, cheese – she really calmly just loses interest.

I’m sure there will come a time this won’t be the case and she’ll start to question why it doesn’t make others’ tummies hurt, but for now, she’s doing brilliantly.


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