Provence in pictures

Just a quick one to round up our holiday in the South of France the other week. We met my in-laws and their eleven and nine year old out there for a proper family holiday. 

Sadly, I don’t have as many holiday days to play with as the Other Half, so I could only join them for a long weekend, where as Little Miss and the OH we’re out there a week. 

Little Miss loved having Auntie Chatterbox and her favourite Uncle 24/7 to play with. And this year was the first year she’s actually wanted to go in the pool!


The holiday was nearly off to a rough start, delayed for hours in Luton Airport… But nothing a bit of beer and Little Miss’ first taste of sushi couldn’t fix!


First morning in Provence and Little Miss was straight out to the pool. She was a bit tentative at first, sticking to the steps, filling up her water pistol…


But we got her in eventually!


We took my old Canon IXUS from our Uni days with its waterproof case. We thought the kids might enjoy it and thought we could get some cool shots of them in the pool. Little Miss’ favourite Uncle has started showing an interest in photography recently (taking after big bro, clearly!) and took quite a shine to the luminous pink camera!


Auntie Chatterbox making a splash!




Auntie Chatterbox and Little Miss’ favourite Uncle (and my toes). 

toddler in pink rubber ring boat in the pool, in pink sunglasses and a pink swimsuit looking uber chilled

Meanwhile, above the water… It’s the first holiday Little Miss has actually wanted to get in the pool, not least thanks to her little boat – a very pink rubber ring with a betting base so she couldn’t fall through. It made such a difference. She felt safe and independent in the water and could join in the fun – until the netting base suddenly came away and she was left calling “Daddyyyy!!” As she gripped the ring!


Little Miss felt a little left out and so took the camera from me while she was on the side and took this photo of me. Honestly, I was really impressed! At two and half, she’s definitely taking after her Daddy. This photo will always be a special one for me as the first Little Miss ever took all on her own. 


Auntie Chatterbox being super patient as Little Miss did her hair one morning. (I speak from experience when I say this is a painful task!) 


While chilling at our favourite cafe one morning with coffee and croissants, Little Miss made a little fury friend. He was lovely, and let her pet him time and time again… until she pet him too hard and then he retaliated… Oops!


Of course, if you combine a toddler with a nine and eleven year old, eventually, something will come a cropper… Her Uncle was trying to teach her pinky promise but it didn’t quite work out as he had imagined. Little Miss couldn’t remember which finger she was supposed to use! The Other Half, of course, there with the camera at the perfect moment as ever!


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