Review: Maps International Pin Board Map

About a year and a half ago, I wrote that we had decided on a ‘theme’ for Little Miss’ bedroom.

It’s been a slow process pulling Little Miss’ Adventurer Bedroom together (not least due to lack of funds!) but the other month, one of the final pieces to the puzzle landed in our laps.

Maps International very kindly offered us a map from their website in exchange for a review. We couldn’t believe our luck! The choice was never ending and it took us quite some time to choose.

My heart wanted to opt for the giant world map wall paper, creating a feature wall for Little Miss (how amazing would that be!) but being in a rented house, my head steered my towards a more portable, less permanent option.

In the end, we settled on the political world map pin board, with the idea that Little Miss could use it to chart her adventures over the next 18 years and beyond. There was a personalised option, on which you could print a boarder and a special message but we decided to go for the plain version to ensure it didn’t date (ignoring the possibility that political lines may change over time thus the map would date anyway… Didn’t think of that until now… Hmm… I digress.)


It’s actually quite a thin pin board, meaning it’s nice and light to hang on the wall. It came with a picture hook pre-installed on the back, but we actually used sticky on picture things which are meant to leave no marks on the wall. (It’s been up nearly a month and so far these are holding strong!) The plan is when we eventually own our own place we’ll get it framed (without glass, obviously) and hang it properly.

Little Miss is a bit young yet to understand the concept that ‘this is the world’ but she’s enjoying the new picture on her wall. Being above the changing table, she’s been able to get quite up close to it and likes to tell us which part of the picture we all live in (it changes every time, and is more about which colour she designates each person than anything else, and Daddy is always yellow because he has yellow hair and Lambie is always in Antarctica, Green Land or the North Pole because he’s white poor thing… but it’s a start!)

So overall, we’ve been really impressed with the map pin board from Maps International and would 100% recommend it. They were an absolute delight to deal with, delivery was super speedy and the map was really well wrapped. I can’t fault them or their product to be honest!


Little Miss has already started personalising her map…


This post was part of the Tried & Tested linky run by My Family Fever and We’re Going on An Adventure.




5 thoughts on “Review: Maps International Pin Board Map

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Hi Tracey, yes! We got our’s printed directly onto a pin board (you can choose what printing method you want just before you check out on Maps International – poster, laminate, canvas, pin board, etc). Enjoy!

  1. Colette B says:

    What a lovely idea. My Dad once put up a full wall map in a bedroom for a client and I’ve loved the idea ever since.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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