The Potty Training Diaries: days 11-17

Just a quick update today as we’ve definitely turned a corner this week in the potty training saga…

Days 11-14 I had a very welcomed break from potty training as the Other Half and Little Miss spent an extra four days in the South of France.

Apparently she did reasonably well; they continued with a mixture of the toilet and make-shift potty out of a bucket. (Apparently the OH didn’t want to buy a potty for the sake of three days so he went old school…) Having the potty in close proximity rather than a toilet some walk away in another room out of site seemed to help, but ultimately, it’s another week on and I’m coming to realise that while there are stories of kids who nail it in three days, Little Miss just isn’t one of them.

But we do seem to have turned a real corner this week. Little Miss only had one accident at nursery on Friday, which was more like a pre-tinkle, before she made it to the potty for the main show. Speaking to nursery at pick on Friday, they confirmed they thought she was definitely ready, which put my mind at rest.

Reading Princess Polly's Potty on the potty during potty training.

Reading potty themed stories on the potty to try to relax Little Miss and get her used to the new method. (It worked!)

Yesterday (Saturday) we had a great day with only one tiny accident again and today, we were even brave enough to take her to the movies to see Finding Dory, which I’m not sure was more excited – her or us! She lasted the entire movie with no wee (though we insisted she take too loo breaks, she declined to do the deed once we were in a cubicle). She did have an accident when we got home having held it for so long, bless her. 

But the piece de resistance…
Today, she even managed a number two in the potty. Granted, she hadn’t gone for 48 hours and obviously just couldn’t hold it any longer – she looked up when we were in the garden mildly panicked and started making concerned sounding ‘mmmm oooh!’ at which point the OH airlifted her to the potty the other side of the garden! But she did it! She made it! And we clapped and cheered, followed by “don’t touch it!!!” 

This is a massive step. Apparently it’s the hardest part of potty training for little ones as it feels so different to going in a diaper. We’d been saying when she did a poo in the potty she could have a present (no parent is above bribery) so today she earned a little pot of orange play dough. Which she played with very, very happily all afternoon.

While I think we’re a ways off being 100% trained, week two (and a bit) has been completely different to week one when I was nearing my whits end. Little Miss seems to suddenly be clicking, to the point where last night she called me up to her room every hour for three hours after bedtime to whisper a bit timidly that she needed a new diaper as she’d done a wee. I dutifully changed her each time, reassured her it was ok, that it wasn’t an accident if she was in a diaper and not to worry. Either the message sunk in or she finally fell asleep exhausted at nearly 10pm as we didn’t hear anything from her then until 6:30 this morning! Hallelujah.


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