The Potty Training Diaries: days 6-10

We’ve been in the South of France since Wednesday (day six), which we had hoped Little Miss would be starting to ‘click’ by then, ready for a stress free holiday.

But that didn’t happen. 

Potty Training on a plane…!

In fact, my mum (who looks after Little Miss on Wednesdays) was rather stressed by the morning of accidents and we did indeed decide to put Little Miss in pull-ups for the drive to the airport and the flight.

Never have I been so pleased for a decision made. Luton airport was a total nightmare; half built and our flight was two hours delayed. The place was utterly rammed and the queue for the toilets was ridiculous. Knowing we didn’t have to worry was such a relief. 

Though, ironically, Little Miss actually asked to use the toilet on the plane and major kudos to the Other Half here who dutifully took her, balanced her on the loo and managed a mess-free toilet visit on a plane! 

Slow and steady wins the race….. Right?

But overall, I’m sorry to say that Little Miss still isn’t ‘getting it’. We’re still at a 50/50 rate of accidents to successes – if we’re lucky. She associates the stickers with wees in general, and even asked for one after she had an accident in the Sunday market this morning (day ten)! She doesn’t seem any closer to understanding when she needs to go than she was ten days ago. 

Little Miss barefoot in a yellow summer dress ready to go to the market against the Provence hills.

Upside to little girls is you can potty train in dresses, which I imagine is much easier to simply pull up and go! Downside – you ruin such pretty little dresses! (Above: this morning before the market…)

The piece de resistance was at the Sunday market this morning (before the wee accident mentioned above). She hadn’t pooed for two days. We knew it was coming and she was just like a ticking time bomb. Determined not to let potty training dampen our holiday (ha-ha)  the OH insisted we tried to go out as normal (as you probably guessed from the airplane escapade, he’s coping with this stage remarkably well!). So we did dinner one night (with no accidents, a miracle!), brunch and a visit to a national park and the market today. 

We sat in the square with pastries and coffees, before doing the weekly shop as we always do when at my in-laws’ place in Provence. From across the table, I must have asked her if she needed a wee four times in ten minutes. After a few minutes the OH and his eleven year old brother suddenly smelled something. While she had been aggressively proclaiming “no, I don’t!” to needing a wee, she had taken a shit in her knickers and sat sipping Auntie Chatterbox’s apple juice utterly nonchalantly.

The OH scooped her like a damsel in distress, being oh-so-careful not to touch her bum, while equally, not wanting to spill anything en route to the cafe loos where we managed to clean her up and change her clothes, for her to wet herself twice more before finally leaving the market. 

I mean, it was bleak. Like, really bleak. One of those dark moments of parenting you hear about but quietly tell yourself, ‘it won’t happen to us’… 

Is she ready?

All this has sparked a discussion about whether she’s genuinely ready, or whether she simply saw her friends at nursery start using the toilet or the potty and not wanting to be left out. 

I swear I’m hearing “Do you need a wee?” in my sleep. 

When I wrote the first entry to The Potty Training Diaries ten days ago, it sparked hilarious chat on Twitter among my fellow parenting bloggers. One even claiming he poured himself a beer at his daughter’s tea time for the first time ever when potty training, just to get him through the final few hours. Stories like this came flooding in but I niaively laughed at their stories, thinking, ‘well, you don’t know anyone at 10 who isn’t potty trained, so she’ll figure it out, how bad can it be?!’ 

Bad. It can be bad. And stressful. And messy. 

The OH is a neat freak. He’s the domesticated one between us, he does the cleaning. Mess doesn’t bother me in the same way it does him. Yet bizarrely, he’s coping remarkably better than I am with this stage. When Little Miss wet herself for the third time in forty minutes his morning, I had to really bite my tongue not to loose it and just put a diaper on her and be done with it. The OH meanwhile stayed calm, got her changed (again) and was managing to even laugh! 

lots of toddler clothes on the washing line

So much laundry…

 The OH (who has many more holiday days to play with than I do) and Little Miss are staying in Provence with his parents, brother and sister for a further four days. We’ve decided he’s going to buy a potty tomorrow as a last ditch attempt for the next four days. If there’s no improvement, I think we’ll have to seriously consider reverting to diapers for the time being as frankly, I can’t indefinitely be cleaning up wee this regularly for the next X amount of months while she figures it out.

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One thought on “The Potty Training Diaries: days 6-10

  1. ginglyform says:

    hey, our kids are nearly the same age, i think? (though mine was a premie) so i get what you guys must be going through!!
    i tried this theory that they need to realise the feeling of “about to pee” before they actually do so. i spent a weekend taking my one to the loo every 2 hours or so, and letting her play around with the water.if she didnt pee, its ok. but the water play would somehow make her go 😛 it took her a few attempts to understand this, and it took about a week too. i didnt bother to put her on the potty, …well, she used to pee standing up initially(erm, i needed to wipe her down later) and we didnt bother with undies+pants.only pants for now.
    we’re still not trained for poo, she tells but point blank refuses to go to the loo. poops in her diaper still 😥

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