The Potty Training Diaries: day 5

Just a really quick one this evening to say there were only three accidents at nursery today – so an improvement on yesterday (yippee!) and a very successful evening at home for potty training (which in our case, is more like toilet training). 

Little Miss even told us about using the “little toilet” at nursery when we asked her about her day. So all feeling a bit more positive this evening. 

Little Miss choosing which pants to wear this morning.

Choosing which pants to wear for the day is a big decision…

She was very particular when choosing which pants to wear for nursery this morning. They had to be just the right ones. We nearly went for helicopters, but ended up with lime green ones with a chameleon on them, just like Rapunzel’s little friend (in Tangled). 

Tomorrow is a quieter day as it’s her day with Nina, so we’re hoping another day one-on-one will help really cement good habits. Apart from the fact we’re actually flying to France in the evening tomorrow! Which there is debate putting her back in diapers just for the flight so we’re less stressed. You can guarantee the one time she won’t be able to hold it will be take off or landing! But we’ll see how tomorrow goes I suppose. 

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5 thoughts on “The Potty Training Diaries: day 5

  1. natasham says:

    When I potty trained S I put him in a nappy for flights. I just didn’t have the courage until I knew he was totally there….and if you get pull ups, it feels like underwear (especially the cars/princess ones). Glad it’s progressing well xx

  2. mummymummymummyblog says:

    We opted for princess pull ups on long journeys too. We found reverting to a pull up now and again in the instances of long journeys etc didn’t falter our progress any. The fact that little one is making reference to the toilet at nursery shows she is embracing the toilet challenge. Sounds like you are doing fabulously 🙂

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Aw that you for saying we’re doing great. We’re really flying by the seat of our pants here (no pun intended) as she sort of sprung being ready on us last week. Fingers crossed she nails it by the end of the week!

      • mummymummymummyblog says:

        I’m sure she will soon nail it, as her initiating it and being ready shows her willingness. Our daughter was the same and it only took about a week of perseverance……we are almost dry on nights now. Good luck 🙂

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