The Potty Training Diaries: day 4

So today was Little Miss’ first day at nursery post-nappies.

After a pooless day yesterday, the first words out of her mouth when I popped my head round her door this morning were, “I need a poo, Mummy! In the toilet, Mummy.” 

So off we went, but no poo came. 

She was packed off to nursery with a bag full of changes of clothes and knickers (all dutifully labelled, of course – though if a poor pair of knickers didn’t find their way back to us, that really wouldn’t be the end of the world…). 

In the car, we reminded her that if she needed the toilet, she needed to tell Sarah (her key worker), or whichever of the nursery workers was to hand. She didn’t really say anything, but I hoped she was taking it all on board… 

I nearly called at lunchtime to see how she was getting on, but didn’t want to be that parent. So I waited (impatiently) until I got home after work for the news. 

Unfortunately, though not overly unexpectedly, today’s rate was back to 50/50, with the poo finally arriving as an accident mid-afternoon. 

dirty clothes from nursery in a plastic bag

When clothes come home from nursey in a plastic bag on a normal day, you know it’s been a messy one. But these plastic bags now have a whole new (dreaded) meaning…

It makes sense that she should regress a little today at nursey. I doubt they asked her every ten minutes if she needed to go and with the best will in the world, they simply can’t watch her for signs every second of the day given the ratio is three or four kids to one adult vs the two adults to one child we had at the weekend. 

My biggest concern is that I don’t want Little Miss’ confidence to be knocked as a result of having more accidents. She was so proud of herself (and her mermaid stickers) by yesterday evening. 

I do think Little Miss would have benefitted from another day or two at home potty training rather than being thrown in the deep end today at nursery. But springing it on us the end of last week, and a serious lack of holiday days to play with on my part, mean taking time off this week for potty training wasn’t really an option sadly. 

The OH said that the nursery worker did make a comment to Little Miss about how many accidents they’d had today when he picked her up. The motherly instinct in me bristled at this news, as I feel like that is t motivating or encouraging. But I keep telling myself I have to trust that the nursery workers have done this a hundred times more than we have – surely they must know what they’re doing and I’m trying not to overthink it too much… Not my strong suit…

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