The Potty Training Diaries: day 3

And so, dare I say it, I think we’ve turned a corner… 

We can’t really believe how quick it happened. We had one little, teeny, tiny half-a-tinkle accident this morning but Little Miss stopped herself and managed to make it to the toilet (with help) to finish.

And we didn’t have any other accidents all day! 

She’s been brilliant. She’s been singing a song Nina taught her a few weeks ago about knickers that fly away (don’t ask) a lot and we’ve read a book called the Queen’s Knickers from my childhood. 

Around midday, I asked Little Miss if she needed the toilet and she stopped short, looked at me and exclaimed, “Oh no!”. She promptly half ran, half sprint-crawled up the stairs to the bathroom and said, “my knickers Mummy! My knickers!” I pulled them down dutifully, and up the step she went. She weed into the toilet, perfectly.

I offered her a sticker And she said, 

“No Mummy. No want a sticker.” I was quite surprised by this, as frankly, stickers are like crack to toddlers and had been working beautifully for the past 24 hours. 

“I want a biscuit,” she said. Ah. I see what’s going on. She thinks she can trade up her reward. 

“No LM, you get a sticker when you do a wee in the toilet, not a biscuit.” 

“No Mummy. Big biscuit.” And she hopped down, and started off down the stairs. So in short, she got a big biscuit and no sticker. 

mermaid stickers on the map in her bedroom

LM has a map in her bedroom hanging above the changing table and she asked to be lifted up so she could stick the mermaids on her map. (The first three she chosen from the packet even looked lkke the three from the programme!)

The OH had to pop out later in the afternoon and returned with puffy mermaid stickers, however, which went down an absolute storm. (Pokemon and mermaids are the current big fad here – they’re her two favourite Netflix shows at the moment.) So much so, that the biscuit upsell was forgotten in favour of the mermaid stickers!

We’re so proud of how she’s done today. We really didn’t expect her to just appear to ‘get it’ today. 

Little Miss even seemed to hold it when we were watching Tangled at one point, refusing to go to the loo part way through (because that would mean pressing pause!). In the end, it was a very tense few hours (for me) but she managed it, no sweat.

By the end of the day, she was telling me to stay downstairs when she needed to go and shutting the bathroom door so she could go by herself!

The only hurdle left is a number two. Little Miss just didn’t do one today – maybe she didn’t need to, or maybe it was a bit intimidating doing it on the loo. We’re not sure, but probably the latter. 

Tomorrow Little Miss is back at nursery to it’ll be really interesting to see how she manages with the change from home and more distractions. But they have little mini people sized toilets, so hopefully that will only help the situation!

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6 thoughts on “The Potty Training Diaries: day 3

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Thanks Rachel – your comment notifications were making me smile last night as you obviously read all the potty training posts in one job lot, waiting for you to reach day 3 😛. Fingers crossed her progress continues!

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Errrr no thanks. Once is enough! It’s just so tense, waiting, waiting, will she wee on the sofa? Will she wee in the garden (less of an issue)? Will she tell us she needs to go? Will she make it if she does? Was quite pleased to have a break at work today from the high stress hormone levels!

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