The Potty Training Diaries: day 2

Well, I’m exhausted. 

Little Miss was asleep in my arms at 7:20pm before her milk and before I’d even got her pjs on. So I think the day took it out of her too! 

Little Miss woke at 7:30am (a lie in!) and we were straight off with the diaper and onto the toilet. But no wee. She was very excited about wearing her new knickers (she chose ones covered in dinosaurs – which are actually cameleons). And off downstairs for breakfast. 

It was two hours before her first wee of the day – which was an accident. Stuck at home all weekend, I thought we’d bake some cookies to pass some of the time. Little Miss loves baking and cooking so tonight it would go down well. So while she was sat on the kitchen floor mixing the batter, wee numero uno occurred. She just looked a bit flabbergasted as a pool slowly spread around her!

blue boys' pants with a cameleon on them following a potty training accident


 I scooped her up, brought her upstairs to the loo and plopped her on it, explaining this is where we do wees and she needs to tell us when she needs to go, because knickers don’t hold any wee like diapers, etc, etc.

Ok, so off we go again. 

Two hours later, same again.

Try again… 

Thirty minutes later, a mini tinkle. Whisk her upstairs, and she managed one whole drip of wee into the toilet. 

Little Miss' hedgehog sticker for her first wee in the toilet

Little Miss’ “chug”

Naturally, we cheered and danced at her achievement and she got a hedgehog sticker, which she was thrilled with and promptly dropped into the loo (?!) and then asked where the “chug” was every time we went to the loo thereafter for many hours…Ten minutes later, another tinkle. Off we run again. 

Ten minutes later, another wee in the toilet. Woohoo!! Another sticker (Mickey Mouse this time.) 

Thirty minutes later, another accident… 

Fifteen minutes later, a few drips, but she held it until the loo – yeehaa!! Cue a Lion King sticker (these went down exceptionally well). 

You get the idea.

We netted out at probably 50/50 accidents to wees in the toilet and one poo, which was an accident. Bless her, she was coming in from the garden to tell us but she just wasn’t fast enough. 

We only have one bathroom upstairs and she spent pretty much the entire day outside. She did so well, as we scooped her up and sprinted upstairs each time. 

We read a story about Princess Polly and her Potty about 1pm, which Little Miss loved, but it only confused matters as we weren’t using a potty. So we hid that book! 

The advice from numerous people was to skip the potty if we could. I don’t know if we’ll manage it yet, but we’re trying. She was very excited by the potty, however and perhaps less intimidated – and with the bathroom being upstairs, it might be easier with a potty just in the kitchen. So we’ll see how we go…

We were told to put her on the toilet every thirty minutes whether she said she needed to go or not. We weren’t very good at this and I think that made the first morning harder. But who knows frankly. Little Miss really didn’t like sitting on the loo unless she actually needed to go, so it may have just made it more stressful for everyone. 

I actually found it far more stressful than expected, while the OH was a lot more chilled than either of us expected! (Though he did decided today was a good day to reorganise the kitchen. I whole heartedly disagreed. Though I will begrudgingly admit it is better now…) 

Little Miss is in a nappy for bed tonight (albeit one of those more grown up nappy pants types). Trying to get her to be dry through the night would have been utterly pointless and it was one battle I just wasn’t willing to fight this round. Round one we’re just aiming for dry through the day. We’d be happy with that.

But as they say, tomorrow is another day…

côte de beouf bbq picnic in the garden with Little Miss in the background playing

We treated ourselves to a côte de beouf BBQ picnic and beers to cheer ourselves up this evening, which we enjoyed mainly cold thanks to two mad dashes to the toilet and one near accident… But it was still pretty amazing. The OH outdid himself.

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