Conversations with Little Miss, No. 6

Mama: So what did you do at nursery today, Little Miss? 

LM: [pursing her lips, very serious] Garden.

Mama: You played in the garden? Did you have a good day? 

LM: No. 

Mama: Oh, why, what did you do? 

LM: [still serious and solemn] Garden. Paint. Play. 

Mama: You played with paint in the garden? 

LM: Yeh. 

Mama: What colour was the paint? 

LM: Blue. Not red.

Mama: No, not red [eyeing up the blue finger nails and streaks of blue here and there…] And what did you do with the paint, Little Miss? 

LM: [motions rubbing her arms] 

Mama: Who did you paint? 

LM: Little Miss… [motions smearing on her face, starting to giggle]

Mama: And… 

LM: [looks blank]

Mama: Did you paint the other children? 

LM: Yeh! Blue! [laughs] 

Turns out we have a bit of a ring leader on our hands…

At nursery on Friday, Little Miss saw her opening and took it, grabbing the big bottle of blue paint and turning herself – and most of the other children by the looks of things at pick up time! – into Smurfs. They’d been hosed down (in the least violent and literal sense possible – I assume) but still some traces of blue remained amongst the gaggle; a blue fingernail here, a blue highlight there… Most of them had also had a change of clothes since this morning. 

All the Other Half and I could do was laugh! Whoops! 


2 thoughts on “Conversations with Little Miss, No. 6

  1. ligurl27 says:

    Bahaha that sounds like something my son would do. Pretty much every time we have paint, my son Jacob gets it all over his being and also all over the floor, sofa, wall..

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