Little Miss and her garden {The Wonderful Ordinary 23}

Having a garden was one of the big pulls for me to move out of London. We knew Little Miss loved the outdoors – even at three months old she was happiest outside – and having a garden would mean she could roam free without me having to be at the park for 8am!

I can’t quite believe it but this month, we’ve been in our little house in the country six months. It’s absolutely flown by. But safe to say that the garden has been a hi-light for Little Miss. She loves her garden. From watching the pigeons to  planting her own seeds to digging for worms. She loves just being able to pop out the back door and explore [edit: run around squealing like a banshee!].

toddler kicking ball in garden

Enjoying her new garden our first week in the new house.

toddler and daddy planting seeds

Planting seeds and shrubs in her new garden with Daddy.

toddler pushing walker in the garden

And lunge!

toddler in the garden in the rain

Even in the pouring rain she insists on going out to dig and water the plants…

toddler eating breakfast in the garden

Breakfast al fresco

toddler gardening

Helping Daddy clear up the jungle at the end of the garden!

Daddy daughter bbq

Little Miss’ first proper BBQ (and Daddy’s new toy)!

toddler looking for ladybugs in the grass

Hunting for ladybugs…

toddler barefoot in the grass

Barefoot, free and happy.


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