“I can see my toes!”

The thing about toddlers’ feet is that they grow literally in the blink of an eye.

Shoes last anything from 6 week to 8 weeks (though Little Miss did manage to not grow for a whole 12 weeks during this winter… It’s the little things when you’re a parent, really).

This has pro’s and cons.

Con: it’s expensive!

Pro: I get to live vicariously through Little Miss and go shoe shopping every other month. #winning

So when Kurt Geiger got in touch in May and asked if we’d like to choose a complimentary pair of shoes – each – I pretty much bit the poor guy’s hand off. (Shoe Addict Anonymous anyone?)

I was torn whether to get a new pair of shoes for my dad’s wedding in Rome, or a new pair of sandals for the holiday on the Amalfi Coast thereafter. As I hadn’t bought my dress for the wedding at that point, I decided to go for the sandals.

kurt geiger cork base gold thong sandalsThere was a time when I lived in flip flops. (At one point, I had eight pairs…) but since Little Miss started walking – then running – sadly flip flops aren’t the most practical of shoes. Something strapped to your feet that allows for a sudden dash across the park without losing your shoe is preferable…

So I chose a rather snazzy (but practical) pair of gold thong sandals with a cork sole, with a splash of fluorescent orange.

These bad boys got the ultimate test drive last week in Italy, being worn all day round Rome, in between official wedding duties and then sight seeing all over the Amalfi Coast. Happy to report they are as comfy as when I first put them on and are officially my 2016 summer wardrobe staple (assuming we actually get some dry weather in Britain this year…).

But Little Miss’ shoes… Oh me oh my. She was a fan. toddler opening her new lelli kelly jelly shoes

They arrived a few days before we flew to Italy. I left the box of shoes on the coffee table for her to find after nursery. She knew exactly what the box was when she saw it. New shoes.

She pretty much ripped open the box and it was love at first sight. They were sparkly, had a giant flower, and once we’d strapped them to her feet, she bent over and exclaimed we absolute delight, “I can see my toes!”

She’s never had a pair of jelly shoes before, but safe to say, they were a hit.

It was all she wanted to wear all holiday – “my jelly shoes! My jelly shoes!” – and she even ended up wearing them with her flower girl dress as her flower girl shoes were unfortunately too big and a bit of a tripping liability – Little Miss was over the moon.

toddler digging in the sand in her lelli kelly jelly shoesI was a bit nervous about jelly shoes as I remember them rubbing when I was little, but amazingly, these never did. Little Miss wore them almost solidly for ten days, around Rome, on the beach, in the heat and she never complained once.

So I’d say that’s a pretty good result. I think Little Miss will be quite sad when she doesn’t fit in these anymore…


Little Miss’ jelly shoes are £20 from Lelli Kelly and available in clear or usia via Kurt Geiger who recently started stocking children’s shoes, including their new Miss Mini KG range.

My gold thongs are £25 by Miss KG via Kurt Geiger.



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