Italy – Rome and the Amalfi Coast – in pictures

Last week, we spent ten days in Italy – four in Rome for my dad’s wedding and six on the Amalfi Coast for a much needed break.

We actually took 1,000 photos in ten days, which even we were a bit surprised by. But we’ve managed to whittle it down to 14 of our favourites (that don’t show Little Miss’ face, obi) to share…


Little Miss hadn’t been on a plane since last summer and was extremely excited…



Enjoying some down time between family wedding duties in Villa Borghese Gardens. It was a lot for Little Miss across the three days, with a lot of new faces but she did so well considering she’s not really a fan of crowds and groups of new people.


Being lactose intolerant, Little Miss doesn’t often get to enjoy treats and desserts… but as they say, when in Rome…! Little Miss was absolutely over the moon when the waiter brought her a very special dairy free dessert, enjoying strawberry and lemon sorbetto for one of the first times. She quite literally was licking the plate like a demon the hopped onto Daddy’s lap hoping for some of his!


Unfortunately on the day of the wedding, Little Miss was a bit overwhelmed and so either the OH or I were holding her most of the day. As a result, we don’t have many photos – we’re hoping the wedding photographer managed to get some nice shots – as our hands were full most of the day! But I do love this one of her ‘tidying up’ outside the venue, collecting all the rose petals back up.


And then it was on to the Amalfi Coast. We stayed just south of Sorrento on the tip of the Sorrento peninsula in a two bedroom Airbnb down a very steep road, literally on the water’s edge. I can’t recommend it or our host enough. This view, however, is from the highest point on Capri.


Me and my girl.


The absolute hero of the holiday. These dinosaurs came with us everywhere, small enough to fit in any bag or pocket. Little Miss is going through a real ‘small world play’ phase and these little guys kept her occupied every step of the way – on the plane, in restaurants waiting for dinner, even during the 40 minute wait on a boat for the Blue Grotto on Capri. Little Miss named them Baby, Mommy and Daddy, and the OH and I could only play with our designated dino’s. (Not sure why Daddy got the cool flying one…)


The view from our apartment – one from the OH’s beautiful collection of sunset photos.


The black beach of Positano. Little Miss hadn’t seen the sea since our very wet and windy trip to Whitstable in November. She had rather mixed feelings about it this time round…


Little Miss showed a real interest in the camera this holiday, which the OH and I are naturally quite excited by. We set the tripod up to take the below photo, which turned out to be the perfect height for Little Miss. The OH showed her which button to press, and she was thrilled to be taking pictures of her own. I will treasure that first photos she took of the OH and I for a long time to come. (Though, the irony in this shot above being, our DSLR doesn’t actually have a view finder, only a digital screen… but nevermind!)


On the mini pier in the bay outside our apartment.


Thought we’d dress up for our man one night at least.


Of course, no holiday is complete for us without a Finding Our Feet In… photo. The latest to add to our collection tells a special story this time. This trip to the Amalfi Coast was about us starting to kick start our love of travel again, after a lack of funds and a lack of of confidence after having Little Miss has meant we’ve played it very safe during the last two years. In this vein, when we went to Capri, we decided to take a risk and visit the Blue Grotto, which meant a potentially long wait in a boat, then lying down in a four man row boat and as the entry to the pitch black (apart form the glowing blue water) Grotto is so small. Little Miss thought the whole thing was incredibly exciting and she was absolutely brilliant, proving to us that it’s us who’s held us back over the last two years, not Little Miss. Bring on the next family adventure…

See more Finding Our Feet photography on our Instagram, @findingourfeet

This post is part of the My Capture Moment linky run by Running in Lavender


Little Miss’ jelly shoes are £20 from Kurt Geiger.

My gold thongs are £25, also from Kurt Geiger.

Both pairs of shoes were provided by Kurt Geiger for us to review on our holiday.



10 thoughts on “Italy – Rome and the Amalfi Coast – in pictures

  1. debsrandomwritings says:

    Hi Amiecaitlin, lovely photographs. It must have been a nightmare sorting through them all and deciding which ones to share.

    Love the one with Little Miss peering through a view finder that isn’t there.


    • amiecaitlin says:

      Thank you 🙂 the dinosaurs are brilliant aren’t they! We got them free with an CBeebies Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures magazine – there was originally six, but three have gone off on an adventure somewhere along the way without us…

  2. tinboxtraveller says:

    What beautiful photos and memories of your trip. That dessert looks scrummy! I’ve heard such amazing things about the Amalfi Coast. We saw a tiny piece of it on our last holiday but didn’t have the opportunity to explore like this. It’s beautiful #mycapturedmomen

    • amiecaitlin says:

      This was actually my third trip to the Amalfi Coast – went twice as a teenager with my my mum. A really lovely part of the world.

      Though, if you were to go (and didn’t do it as a pre planned package type offer) id recommend spending two or three nights in Naples, doing Pompeii, Herculaneum, etc, then heading off to the Amalfi Coast. As depending where you’re based on the coast, it can be a two, even three hour drive back to Pompeii, etc. Which is ok as a day trip, but a bit of a schlep.

  3. Heledd - Running in Lavender says:

    Oh that sounds like my dream holiday! I love Italy and Italian food, and the Amalfi coast has to be one of my favourite places on earth. Your pictures (as always) are beautiful. I especially love that one of you and little miss all dressed up for a night out with your guy. Really lovely post Amie xx

    Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

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