Conversations with Little Miss, No. 5

Setting the scene – I’m offering up BBQ pulled pork, slow cooked by Daddy’s fair hand here. Granted, Little Miss has been really quite ill all day, I’ve held her for a good, solid three hours unable to fall asleep properly before she randomly collapsed on the sofa in front of Shaun the Sheep at 5pm

At this point, she’s sat on my lap; all she’d eaten all day was half an English muffin, a banana and some strawberries and we’ve finally persuaded her to take some Calpol, after point blank refusing all day… 

Mama: Come on LM, you need to eat something.

LM: Not want it. 

Mama: What would you like? 

LM: Not want it. 

Mama: I know, no pork, but what would you like? 

LM: Not want it. 

Mama: I know Baby Girl, but is there anything you do want? Rice? 

LM: Not want it. 

Mama: More strawberries? 

LM: Not want it. 

Mama: Toast?

LM: Not want it. 

Mama: Beans? 

LM: Not want it. 

Mama: Biscuits? 

LM: …..

Mama: Biscuits? 

LM: *solemly nods* 

Mama: Ok, biscuits. 

Go to cupboard to discover we have no dairy free biscuits left… Shit… After a short discussion we decide to risk it with plain digestives so she at least has something in her tummy. The OH gives LM two digestives. 

One minute later, nearly both biscuits are demolished. 

The OH: Do you want something else LM? You’re sort of shovelling those biscuits in..! 

LM nods, still shovelling digestive into her mouth like a tiny, half starved chipmunk.

Mama: Hummus and pitta bread? 

LM: Yeh! 

LM hops down, suddenly full of beans, and sits behind her little step ready with a plastic plate. I place the pitta on the plate. 

Mama: There we go. Hummus?

LM: Yeh! 

I spoon some hummus onto the plate. 


Sobbing ensues. 

LM: Go away Mummy!

Ten minutes later, she was sat on her Daddy’s knee, eating hummus from a spoon. Give me strength.


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