Conversations with Little Miss No. 4

Last night, I was sat in the tipi, having a lovely moment with Little Miss, reading her a bedtime story about a teddy bear after not having seen her for two evenings on the trot. She was being a delight (for a change). 

And part way through the story she stops sucking on her bottle, looks up at me sweetly and says, “Mummy lazy.”

Just like that. 

Me: pardon? 

LM: Mummy lazy. 

Me: Mama’s not lazy! 

Little Miss thinks about this and smiles. 

LM: Mummy crazy! 

Me: who taught you to say that?! 

LM: Mummy crazy! 

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel it was fair to argue. Because to be honest, most people might describe me as at least a little bit crazy… 

The question is, who informed Little Miss…

My money is on the OH. But being as yesterday was a Wednesday, and she spends Wednesday’s with Nina, there’s a good chance my mum is to blame. Which if that’s the case, she has no leg to stand on!


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