Just your average Monday: a busted lip, A&E, Little Miss’ first baby sitter experience and Parents’ Evening {The Wonderful Ordinary 22}

Monday started out like any other…

We were late getting up – the OH didn’t even have any recollection of pressing snooze three times; I got in the shower while the OH was tried to persuade Little Miss that, as with every other day, PJs are not an option to wear to nursery…

It was meant to be a hot day. Well, 23 degrees… hot by British standards. Little Miss was dressed in new shorts and a pink top; we lathered sunscreen on her as nursery had asked and made our way downstairs. We left the house late, about 7:45, me dashing out the door to the train station hoping I could still make the 7:58 (the last train I can get and still be on time for work) as the OH made his way to the car with Little Miss for the nursery run.

I made my train. The OH deposited Little Miss at nursery and headed to the office, knowing he’d hit traffic now in the 8am rush and most likely be late.

8:09am. My train was pulling into Watford Junction, the half way point of my journey.

“The nursery just called, Little Miss has had an accident and hurt her lip. They said I had to come back. So I’m turning round now and heading back.”

That was all we knew. ‘She’s hurt her lip.’

I stayed on my train and waited for news.

8:24am. The nursery called me.

“Hi Amie, the OH has just picked up Little Miss and asked me to call you to say to meet him at A&E.”

I must have looked worried as a fellow commuter asked me if everything was OK – and no one speaks on commuter trains. Ever.

I checked my train app to see when the next train back out of London was. Four minutes. The next one after that was twenty minutes away and a slow train.

We pulled into Euston two minutes later and I literally sprinted up the walkway from Platform 15 and through Euston station to Platform 10.

I was taking my backpack off (yes, I’m that cool) to get my ticket out for the barrier without slowing down with one minute left on the clock. The guard shouted, ‘Watford?’. I breathlessly said yes as I slowed at the gate and he buzzed me through saying, ‘run!’ without checking my ticket. I wouldn’t have made the train without him.

I actually made it to A&E before the OH. I was stood at the door waiting to receive them as they pulled up.

In all honesty, it didn’t look as bad to me all when she put her teeth through her lip back in October, but maybe that’s because I’m a veteran of toddler wounds now and they’d changed her top and cleaned her face up a bit at nursery. So she wasn’t quite the Zombie movie extra I was expecting.

A&E: quick and friendly but needs batteries

They were very quick at A&E, saw us almost straight away. All her observations were normal and she was as good as gold for the nurses (as ever), doing everything they asked without complaint.

We sat waiting to see the doctor and the toy box failed to distract Little Miss as all the toys were either missing parts or had run out of batteries (NHS cuts anyone?!). By this time it was around 9:30 – snack time. Little Miss kept saying she was hungry so in the end I went on a hunt for lactose-free-soft-won’t-hurt-a-busted-lip food. (Not easily come by in a hospital it turns out!)

The doctor discharged us really quickly. No stitches, no glue, nada. He said her teeth hadn’t actually gone through her lip, so it was simply a case of keeping her lip as clean as possible and giving it time to heal.

Her top front gums were a bluey-pink colour and this was (and still is) the main concern. We’re basically playing a waiting game to see how severe the gum bruising is and whether the impact has caused her teeth will cause them to fall out… Which is err, really not great.

I know it’s vain, I know it won’t make us love her any less, but I really don’t want her to loose her teeth. She loves apples! How will she eat apples without front teeth?! And perhaps most vain of all, she’s a flower girl in my Dad and H’s wedding in three weeks… She can’t be a toothless flower girl!

We decided to keep Little Miss of nursery the rest of the day, mainly for risk that she’d get knocked about at nursery and be at risk of tumbling in the playground before her lip had even sealed.


Little Miss a few days after the event, starting to heal and still managing to raise a smile. 

The Baby Sitter Experience

That evening was Parents Evening at the nursery – our first. Usually, my mum would pop over and watch Little Miss for us while we popped up to the nursery. But unfortunately, she had plans that evening so we’d decided to be bold and opt for a baby sitter – a first for us and for Little Miss.

A friend of mine from school’s cousin lives about a ten minute drive away. She’s only 18 but my friend said she had baby sat all the little nieces and nephews since they were babies and she would trust her if she had children. (And give my friend is a Primary School Teaching Assistant, I trust her judgement.)

We had thought an hour during early evening, after dinner and before bedtime would be a good introduction for her to be left with a stranger. But after the day she’d had we were in two minds whether we should cancel and only one of us go to Parents’ Evening. In the end, we felt it was important for us both to go and in all honesty, Little Miss seemed fine.

So, The Baby Sitter arrived about 6pm to get acquainted with Little Miss and we headed out about 6:20pm. Little Miss warmed to her straight away and headed up stairs to show her her tipi when she clocked us putting on our shoes.

There was a moment of uncertainty until The Baby Sitter suggested they got her tunnel out. And then that was it. Little Miss basically fell in love, so much so, that when we returned about 7pm, she was upset when The Baby Sitter had to say good bye! She clearly made quite the impression. And we are thrilled. Hello social life!

“Quietly Confident”SONY DSC

Parents’ Evening went really well. They showed us her progress book, there’s absolutely no concerns with her development or how she’s settled in at the nursery. In fact, they were very impressed with how well she’s done slotted in.

They described her as “quietly confident”, which is pretty spot on.

She’s not keen on crowds (at a birthday party on Sunday, we had to sit to the side for a while eating samosas while she watched and took it all in, sussing out the situation before she was ready to get involved); and can be quite shy with new people, particularly in unfamiliar surroundings.


Since Little Miss started using a spoon, colour and ‘writing’ I’ve noticed numerous times she seems to have a preference for her left hand. Nursery has also clocked this. Kids usually start to show a dominant hand between the ages of two an three so I guess we’ll know soon enough…

But once she knows you, good luck shutting her up. She’s a bright cookie and has no issue putting forward her opinions (no idea where she gets that from…) or getting you to do what she wants.

They also said she enjoys imaginative play (particularly with Dolly) and messy play the most – not a surprise really. Though I was surprised not to hear mention of books or music as these are also some of her go to activities at home.

We laughed when we were invited to Parents’ Evening initially, saying how formal it sounded for nursery. But it was lovely to have more of an insight into what she gets up to day-to-day at nursery, especially for me who only gets to do the nursery run one day week.

I know I’m not supposed to writ these sorts of things, because they’re all mushy and cliched and sickening and no one really wants to hear about how amazing anyone else’s child is… But…

We were really proud of Little Miss. Between the glowing report from nursery and how brave she’d been all day, we felt like we had a very special little girl indeed.

But safe to say we flopped into bed about 9pm that night, utterly cream-crackered.


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