Conversations with Little Miss {The Wonderful Ordinary 17}

Last Sunday, we saw my Dad and H (Dampa [Grandpa] and Nana).

They gave Little Miss a little lactose free Easter treat. (Being lactose intolerant, she’s never tried chocolate before. But she knew it was something she should like. So she persevered through a single, tiny dark chocolate bunny but winced at its bitterness with every bite and lick. #MiddleClassToddlerProblems, am I right?) 

They also gave her a little card…

Mama: Do you like your chick?
LM: No.
Mama: Oh… You don’t like your chick?
LM: It’s rabbit.
Mama: No, the chick is wearing rabbit ears… Like a hat…
LM: No. Rabbit.
Mama: Ok… Do you like your rabbit?
LM: Yes. My chick.

Sometimes, I just can’t help but think she’s f*cking with me.

Happy Easter!

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