Awards Season is here again…

Last year, I was shortlisted in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards’ 2015 Family Category (under my old identity, Bump, Baby & Me). I was in a reception area waiting for an interview when my phone buzzed a little more persistently than usual – people kindly congratulating me on being shortlisted. I was so overcome with shock/excitment/joy/[enter extreme emotion here] I yelped and teared up. The receptionist actually came over to check I was ok. (Probably not the best first impression!)

I was utterly flabbergasted. I’d been blogging just two weeks too long to enter the ‘Fresh Voice’ category and so had thrown my hat into the ring with the big boys in the Family Category, never expecting I actually stand a chance.

Of course, I didn’t make it to the finals – my blog was extremely unpolished, tiny and relatively unknown in comparison to the others running. I was a bit of an underdog really. But to be shortlisted alone was a massive achievement for me and gave me confidence in my blogging ability.

Since then, I’ve taken a three month sabbatical from blogging last summer and come back with a new lease of life and a more focussed idea of what I want from my blog and what I want it to be about. I rebranded and relaunched last September and haven’t looked back since.

I hope you’ll agree that the quality of my content has improved with this renewed focus and our photography is going from strength to strength. The Other Half has even been persuaded to get a bit more involved since we became Finding Our Feet, showcasing more of his beautiful photography and writing a guest post to mark Little Miss’ second birthday (and *spoiler alert* look out for his homemade pizza recipe coming soon!).

Well, it’s that time of year again. And so, as much as I dislike this aspect of the awards, here I am asking for your nomination once again.

I’m still rather an underdog when it comes to these awards. My readership is still relatively small in the grand scheme of things and my social following is small but perfectly formed. I still get a bit giddy when someone comments on a blog post or likes a photo on my Instagram feed.

I am, however, extremely proud of Finding Our Feet. (Shamefully) I put almost as much sweat, tears and effort into writing and maintaining this little site as I do raising Little Miss! (The laundry and cleaning often the last on my to do list, much to the OH’s dismay!)

The aim of this here blog is to celebrate family life as our 21st century family muddles our way through – you can read more about who we are, Finding Our Feet’s origins and aim here. Whether that’s sharing the our triumphant moments, the reality of parenthood or simply sharing our little cherished moments.

So, ladies and gents, friends, family, fellow bloggers and total strangers who read my blog; if you enjoy my writing please take just a minute of your time to nominate Finding Our Feet in the following categories in either the BiBs and/or the MADs. Keep in mind you can only fill in the form onceSo make sure you get the details right (please!).

#BiBs2016 Family Category [click here to nominate or click here on a mobile or tablet]
Nominations close April 13th at midnight GMT.

The information you need is:

Blog Name: Finding Our Feet

Blog URL:

Blogger’s Twitter ID: @findingourfeet

Blogger’s email:

Why do you feel this blogger deserves to win? [insert your own answer]

URL of your favourite post on the blog [choose your favourite]

#MADs2016 Preschoolers Category [click here to nominate]
Nominations close April 8th at 5:30pm GMT.

All you need is my URL:

Not convinced?
There’s a ‘Best of‘ section or you can view my various writing projects and ongoing photography projects via the navigation bar above. But a few key posts that may be of interest include:

Eskimo Kisses (those little cherished moments)

Speed-Mumming (the realities of parenthood)

“Weyees!!” (family photography / cherished moments)

Poo in the Bath. Again. (the realities of parenthood)

Twirling in Posh Frocks (family photography)

The Unemployed Mum (personal writing and sharing my story)

Silhouette Portrait Project 4.0 (family photography)

I’m also extremely proud of my #ParentsAtWork series which recently launched (the first interview will be live on April 1st).

You can find more of Finding Our Feet on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Pinterest. I also write for, was recently wrote for Mumsnet and I am acting editor of Tower Hamlets NCT Magazine.

And finally; I am a regular panelist on new parenting podcast, Meet The Parents Podcast. We are also entering the awards, so when you fill in the form, if you’ve had a listen and like what you hear, please consider Meet the Parents Podcast for Fresh Voice (BiBs) and Best New Blog (MADs).

Thank you so, so much if you take the time to fill in the form. And even if you don’t, but you read the blog, I’m still extremely grateful. To know that my writing is of interest to you or my photography brings a smile to your face is a wonderful and humbling feeling. Thank you.

NB: the nominations and awards are now closed. Thank you if you nominated me and very best of luck to all the finalists!


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