photo of toddler flower girl dress fitting at Nicki Macfarlane

Twirling in posh frocks

My dad is getting remarried in June to H, his partner (are they too old to be boyfriend and girlfriend at 48 and 51? – yes, we’re rather a young family, I know) of ten years.

Truthfully, I’d given up on the idea he was ever going to ask her (I think she had too!) but last year, on a beach under the stars in the Caribean celebrating his 50th, he finally produced a ring and popped the question.

Fast forward to 2016 and it’s all system-are-go to get this wedding off the ground. As ever, they’re a little last minute. But knowing my Dad’s luck and H’s project management skills, it’ll all go off without so much as a breath of a hiccup – despite them living between Britain and Azerbaijan for the past year and organising a wedding in Rome. They do so enjoy the simple life…

Little Miss and a family friend’s daughter – we’ll call her Bubble (age eight) as thanks to adorable toddler pronunciation, this is what Little Miss called her – have been selected for the all important job of flower girls.

SONY DSCWe were summoned to Nicki Macfarlane’s little Chelsea shop on a chilly Saturday in early March. H, not surprisingly, was running late, leaving the girls with their noses pressed up against the glass ooh-ing and ah-ing over the beautiful dresses through the window.

They really are fairytale dresses with billowing skirts, sash bows and chiffon frills. Even Little Miss recognised them as “Princess dress!” and one frothy the blue number as “Elsa dress!” (so help me God!).

Once the bride-to-be arrived, we were let through the doors and led downstairs to the fitting area. It was quite a fast paced fitting and it was straight on with the dresses. Little Miss’ eyes lit up and she instantly started twirling in delight. And she pretty much didn’t stop until the fitting was over an hour later. She was utterly enchanted.

Bubble was slightly more reserved in her admiration, but was all smiles as she tried on different dresses in different sizes and shades of pink. She too couldn’t help but give us a little twirl.





Little Miss was just as taken with Bubble as she was with the dresses. When Bubble stood still to be measured, so did Little Miss. When Bubble hugged her Mama, I got a hug too. And when Bubble tried on shoes, Little Miss’ eyes darted around looking for her pair.

Bubble was very clear from the off: she was having shoes with a heal. H persuaded her stilettos might not be quite the look we were going for and instead placated her with a very low block heal.

Meanwhile, Little Miss took rather a liking to a gold sparkly pair, which weren’t entirely in keeping with H’s minimalist taste… We managed to persuade Little Miss the cream satin with a hint of sparkle on the buckle was a better look.

Of course, after the initial fuss to get her to try the cream rather than the gold, she then cried when she had to take them off. It seems she’s a girl after my own heart!


To top it all off, there was also a ride on the rocking zebra to finish. (A snip at only £5,100 if you’re so inclined…)

All in all, it was a brilliant morning. The girls in the shop were lovely and extremely patient with Little Miss in particular who can be somewhat of a law unto herself, it has to be said – especially where clothes are concerned! (See my post about our Little Fashionista for further proof.)

Nana H was keen on a flowery wreath for the girls’ heads. Bubble looked lovely. Little Miss just looked unimpressed and whipped it off in a nano second. I suggested maybe a small flowery hair clip would work better for a toddler who will no doubt be tearing round and have grass stains all over her beautiful frock by the end of the ceremony.

Let’s just hope Little Miss doesn’t take after me in her execution of bridesmaid duties and tear the bride’s dress as they walk up the aisle… but that’s a whole different story for another time…

Keep an eye on our Instagram and the blog come June for more photos of the girls in their beautiful dresses, no doubt twirling in the Roman sun.


See more Finding Our Feet photography on our Instagram feed, @findingourfeet.

This post is part of the My Captured Moment linky from Running In Lavender.



11 thoughts on “Twirling in posh frocks

  1. travelingchristie says:

    Ah how romantic what a lovely story, the dresses are just gorgeous I too would have been in my event in that shop it looks so stylish and beautiful x

  2. Running in Lavender (@HeleddLavender) says:

    Oh wow these dresses are out of this world special and the pictures are so beautiful (as always). My hubby took ten years to pop the question too, so I know how H must have felt. Sounds like you all had a lovely day, I know my girls would be in the element in that shop. Thank you so much for linking up to #mycapturedmoment xx

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Aren’t they just!? Thank you, you’re always so kind about our photography. Hope you’re resting up before the big day! You must just be so excited by now – I can’t imagine how the girls must be feeling! x

  3. Surreypam says:

    Sounds like a lovely day – and a great memory for the bride of spending a special time with her two special girls!

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