photo of toddler on her second birthday with donut and candles

The big ‘2’

So, Monday was the big ‘2’. We actually did a joint Mothers’ Day and Second Birthday celebration on Sunday so we weren’t rushing before work on Monday, could play with Little Miss with her new toys and enjoy the day together.

We had planned a birthday party for Little Miss, but long story short, we had to cancel it…

Instead, Little Miss is having rather an extended birthday celebration;  we saw my Dad and H on Saturday for a Flower Girl dress fitting (full post with adorable photos to follow asap – in the meantime, check out our Instagram) and birthday lunch; my mum on Sunday and we’re seeing my in-laws this coming weekend. Not to mention Odd Parents visiting the weekend after!

imageAfter the impromptu cafe in the park the other week and Little Miss’ recent love of money, we thought she’d like her own little cafe. But not only does our little house not have space for a toddler sized cafe, we couldn’t really justify nearly £200 on said toy. Instead, we opted for a Great Little Trading Co. tea trolley and coffee machine and my Dad and H got her felt food and a till to complete the set.

We set it all up on Saturday night for her to wake up to on Sunday morning. Complete with giant balloon. We’d been explaining in the lead up to the weekend that it was her birthday, that she would be turning two, etc, but I’m not 100% sure she really grasped the concept. But that didn’t stop her enjoying opening all the presents, blowing out the candles and singing “birthday birthday happy” to herself all day!

Usually, I pride myself on the birthday cakes I make loved ones each year. But as last week was my first week back at work, I forlornly accepted this might be pushing my ability and sanity this year so planned to buy something instead. However, Little Miss is lactose intolerant, making store bought cakes not quite so straight forward.

It turns out, that while our local Tesco Metro has a great gluten and wheat free from section, it’s rather lacking in dairy free. Cue panic!

So, we had homemade pancakes for breakfast on the Sunday (with candles, of course) and ended up with apple sauce donuts for tea after nursery on the Monday (again, with candles, of course), which according to the packet were diary free. Little Miss didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she seemed positively ecstatic that this sugary feast was actually for her and demolished the lot, licking her fingers gleefully!SONY DSC

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This post is part of the My Captured Moment linky from Running In Lavender.



2 thoughts on “The big ‘2’

  1. Tim says:

    Sounds like a great extended birthday celebration. Those giant number balloons are great, aren’t they? We’ve often bought them for our kids and they often get as much play and attention as their actual presents.

    Also, I’ll tell you my Free From story on the podcast this week. I had a small hand in that …

  2. Running in Lavender (@HeleddLavender) says:

    Ah Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!! Cake or no cake, she lookes overjoyed with that apple doughnut. Sounds like her birthday celebrations will go on and on, which is exactly how it should be when you’re two!! Thank you so much for sharing this special post with us for #MyCapturedMoment xx

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