Little Miss’ favourite books (1-2 years old) {Little Bookworm 5}


Little Miss has loved books since the get go. A bedtime story has been part of our evening routine since she was just six weeks old and we have a video of her at just ten or eleven months old sat in her tipi reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to herself. She never actually realises I’m there the whole time I’m filming.

I’ve written about her love books before (here) but as part of her birthday week (and seeing as today is World Book Day) I thought it was rather apt to share some of Little Miss’ favourites from the past year.

This list was really difficult to compile as a) she has so many books and b) she pretty much loves them all.

But these are the books that have stood out over the past year for us. These are the ones she consistently returns to, never, ever seems to tire of and most of which will probably be around for some years yet to come. (Unless I finally can’t take it anymore and hide them all so we have to read something different!)

image 6-8100 First Words
100 every day things from baby bunnies to buses to balloons and building blocks, all hidden behind flaps for Little Miss to open and close. This was an obvious winner from the second she unwrapped it. We’ve subsequently bought it as a birthday present for numerous friends’ babies and they have equally positive reviews.





The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
An obvious choice, but a special one none the less. Little Miss had a My First Gruffalo touch and feel book before she was one. She was such a fan, my mum and I took her to see The Gruffalo Live! at around fifteen months old. She loved it. And so graduated to the full story, which as you can see from the tatty pages, has been read many, many times since. Luckily for me, this is one I don’t tire of!



imageElmer, David McKee
Another classic, this was a recommendation by eight year old Auntie Chatterbox last summer as she remembered it from her baby days. Little Miss has loved Elmer from day dot and now calls all elephants, patchwork or not, ‘Elmer’. All that is except for Norman, her beloved elephant head who hangs from the wall in her room.





Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere, Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Lorena Alvarez
This is one of those books you are asked to read so often you end up hiding in a desperate attempt to change the record… We received this book from Parragon as part of our Book Buddies affiliation and even now, in March, when it’s completely irrelevant and out of season, it’s still a firm favourite with Little Miss.




imageBaby Colours
To be honest, this book is absolutely nothing special. But Little Miss seems to enjoy it’s simplicity, bold colours and big flaps. It’s also the book that introduced her to wellies. She was obsessed! But sadly, being summer (and her feet too small) she couldn’t have any of her own. When we finally gave her her own pair in October, she was so excited and didn’t know whether to run for the book or the shoes so just stood, bouncing shouting “weyees!!!”




The Tiger Who Came To Tea, Judith Kerr
After seeing the stage version just before Christmas, Little Miss fell in love with ‘Sopie’ and the tiger who came for tea. She had never read the book when we saw the show, but safe to say we’ve read it a thousand times since…
Luckily, as a childhood favourite of mine as well, I don’t mind reading this one again and again and again and again so much.



Honourable Mentions:

For one reason or another, despite being books we read on a painfully regular basis, these didn’t quite make the cut. But I thought they were still worth noting in case you’re on the prowl for something new.

Dear Zoo, Rod Campbell (very dog eared and tatty these days, but has fallen slightly out of favour in recent months so didn’t make the cut for the above list)

Baba, Jead de Brushoff (Currently, she has my Grandmother’s original 1941 edition high up on a shelf she can’t reach and we read my 1991 edition)

I Can Play Princess Songs, a Disney Little Piano book (combining Little Miss’ love of music and reading – basically her version of heaven)

Spot Goes To The Farm, a Penguin Books iPad app

The Original Tale of Peter Rabbit, a Penguin Books iPad app

(feel slightly ashamed to list apps in this post, but these are both brilliant, interactive retellings of the original stories and a God send when you are caught on the hop in traffic, on a delayed train or when it’s rained solid for four days…)


And finally, for Christmas, GranPam’s family in the States pulled out all the stops. Her sister (Little Miss’ aunt) knitted – yes knitted – the most beautiful red hooded cape and her mum (Little Miss’ Grandma) sent her GranPam’s childhood edition of Little Red Riding Hood, complete with chewed corners from where GranPam’s sister used to nibble at the books(!?). This was just the most wonderful gift and as you can see, Little Miss is quite the fan.



6 thoughts on “Little Miss’ favourite books (1-2 years old) {Little Bookworm 5}

  1. Tim says:

    All three of ours have enjoyed Elmer and all the Julia Donaldson books in their time. It’s quite sad to think that even Kara has outgrown some of our family favourite toddler books (although all three were enthralled by the TV adaptation of Stick Man over Xmas).

    The boys have moved on to Horrid Henry and Minecraft books now. Sigh.

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