Little Miss’ second year in pictures


12 months 3 weeks: Little Miss learns takes her first proper steps into Toddlerhood in Italy.


13 months: Mog [the bunny] enters our lives and the love affair begins.

Little Miss finally grows some proper hair!

One of our many walks in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park – our favourite weekend spot.

Little Miss begins to show an interest in fashion, making mornings more and more difficult as she becomes fussier about what she will or won’t wear…  

The time we met Daddy for lunch in between meetings with a picnic in the park.

14 months: The time Mama went on holiday without Little Miss and she was totally devastated at being left behind with Daddy and the grandparents… oh wait, my mistake…

17 months: Strutting her stuff in the South of France.


18 months: Little Miss was ecstatic to get her first pair of “weyees!”.


19 months: Young love…

19 months: Little Miss’ first time baking (lactose free, of course) when she got Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and we were in quarantine for over a week…

20 months: Splashing in puddles with nine year old Auntie Chatterbox.


21 months: Moving house: we were so proud of how well Little Miss coped with so much change.

cardboard box fun_Finding Our Feet

When Daddy and Little Miss are left to their own devices…


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