Little Miss’ birthday week

In just six days, Little Miss will be two years old.


Two seems so grown up.

Two is the age you hear about… The age people warn you about…

But she still seems so little. She can’t possibly be two. She’s still my baby, all cute and cuddly and warm in the mornings, still in need of a hug sometimes in the middle of the night. (If I’m totally honest, the latter is less welcome…)

And yet, when I look at the photos of her birthday a year ago, I can’t believe how much she has changed in such a short space of time. For one thing, she has hair! She no longer walks like Bambi but dances, jumps and runs in the other direction; she has genuine preferences and budding interests; she’s really starting to chatter now, not just the odd word with lots of pointing, but if you concentrate, use simple sentences and use a bit of initiative when listening, you can almost have an actual conversation with her – provided her attention span lasts long enough to answer the second question…

Last year, to celebrate Little Miss turning one, I blogged every day of her birthday week with something special to commemorate the big occasion.

Well, today I’m kicking off Little Miss’ birthday week once more. It’s a momentous week all round as I started new job last Thursday and this is my first full week back at work since before she was born. There was the expected mixed feelings last week (not from Little Miss, she adores nursery) but feeling more calm this week as I get to grips with train times and back into the groove of working – allbeit this time with a very different home life to consider.

On the blog, I’ll be looking back at the past year, how she’s changed from baby to toddler and the little force-to-be-reckoned with she has become.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as I’ll be sharing some of my favourite posts and photos from the past year (and maybe some from before then as well if I’m feeling super nostalgic… which no doubt I will be), celebrating the fact we’ve kept Little Miss alive for two whole years and the fact we have survived yet – who knew the human body could withstand this much sleep deprivation.

So pour out some bubbles, and clink glasses with us as we celebrate another year of Little Miss. 


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