The Dawn of a new era: Mama’s first day at work

So, today’s the day. It’s actually happening. I’m going back to work.  

As I type this, I’m sat – that’s right, I got a seat! We’re not in East London anymore Toto! – on the train commuting into London, squished between a sleeping woman (sensible lady) and a woman reading on her Kindle. The three gents squashed opposite us are all also on their phones. 

Despite this very real commute, the idea of going back to work still doesn’t feel real. 

I left the house at 7:40am with Little Miss running out from the kitchen waving like a mad thing shouting”bye bye Mummy! Good day! Bye bye Mummy! I wuv oo! Bye bye bye bye!”  

And yet still it doesn’t feel real. 

Little Miss is still off nursery with croup. The OH is off work with her today, which was rather surreal leaving him behind in jeans and hoodie saying, “don’t forget that colours wash, please”. Ah, how the tables have turned… 

And still it doesn’t feel real. 

I’ve got my sandwich (packed for me by the OH), I’m in shoes that pinch, I’ve got a posh bag on my arm with no tiny books, no travelsized train or snack pots taking up space inside it. Just grown up stuff like headphones, lipstick and notepad (though couldn’t bring myself to leave the tissues at home – some habits die hard!). 

And still it doesn’t feel like I’m actually going to work. Properly going to work. It feels like after today, maybe tomorrow I’ll be back to my usual Monday morning of hunting through job listings and calling round the recruiters… 

I wonder when it’ll sink in…  
Read more about my #unemployedmum journey here and about when I got offered a job after two years of job hunting here

This post is part of the My Captured Moment kinky run by Running In Lavender.


17 thoughts on “The Dawn of a new era: Mama’s first day at work

  1. Claire at Tin Box Traveller says:

    I hope your first day went well. It is very strange leaving the house without wet wipes. I always find I need them during the day regardless of whether the kids are with me! I went back to work after maternity leave this month so know a little of what you must have been feeling. I hope the OH coped at home and got that wash on for you 🙂 #MyCapturedMoment

  2. Lisa@IntoTheGlade says:

    Congratulations!! A brilliant My Captured Moment. I hope it went well and that you are all setting into your new routine. I hope that wash got done too, there is nothing more disappointing than when they forget ha! Take care lovely xx

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Hi Lisa, thank you. So far so good. To be fair, the OH is far more domesticated than I’ll ever be so likely the wash won’t only be done but the house cleaned and dinner on the table when I get back tonight!

  3. cosmochicklitan says:

    Hope you had a great day at work! Haha, my handbag is always stuffed full of my daughter’s things (even when she isn’t with me). The other day I “found” one of her crayons in there :-). #MyCapturedMoment

  4. debsrandomwritings says:

    Hi Amiecaitlin, you are looking smart. Having an almost child item free handbag is going to be strange for a while, but I’m sure you’ll soon get used to it.

    I had to laugh when I read your last sentence,we all make mistakes when we blog, but not usually so funny.

    Good luck with your new job, hope you settle in soon.

  5. thebrightnessofthesedays says:

    Hi just stumbled across your blog & noticed we have something in common; I moved from East London last summer to the burbs. How are you finding it? I’m going back to work next month & it will be weird going in on a commuter train but will probably beat sweaty armpits on the central line from Bethnal Green! Best of luck with your return to work

    Nicole (

    • amiecaitlin says:

      What a small world! I’ll have to take a peak at your blog as well. I hated the central line. It was the worst! My commute yesterday and today was far more enjoyable. We’re far enough out now that I got a seat both days! Long may it continue!

  6. Running in Lavender (@HeleddLavender) says:

    Amie massive Congratulations on your new job, I know you’ve wanted to go back to work for a while. I hope your first week went well and that you’re enjoying the job. Great shot and I’m very impressed (no… in love) by you bag!!!

    Thank you for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

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