Meet the Parents Podcast

Usually on a  Thursday, I post a little photographic update of whatever we’ve been up to that week. But with Little Miss starting at her new nursery on Monday, I don’t actually have that much to report. Turns out when you don’t look after your child five days a week, although your time increases tenfold, your content possibilities diminish substantially.

Instead, I thought I’d give a little Amie update.

Last month, Tim of Slouching Towards Thatcham featured me on his podcast, reading my post The Unemployed Mum. (You can listen to the episode here.) Shortly after, he contacted me about a new venture.

His vision was to host a podcast with a team of mums and dads chatting about real experiences and real issues facing the parenting community today. The plan was to have a team of regulars who feature each week on the panel with some guests along the way.

Well, last week episode one went live with Tim (husband, dad of three and our podcast producer and editor ), Hannah (mum to 19m old Toby with Baby Girl on the way), Julian (not-so-secret country music lover, husband and dad of two) and Vickie (wife, mum of one and grew up the eldest of seven!).

This week, episode two features the rest of the gang – Dave (husband, stay at home dad to one and football fan) and Mark (husband, dad of three nearly fully grown offspring and full time writer) and myself (girlfriend, mum of one and returning to work next week).

Some long time readers might remember I launched a similar podcast this time last year. Unfortunately, I was not as adept at the techie side as Tim is and was unable to keep it, the blog and my job hunting all going at full steam, whilst also looking after Little Miss. I’m loving being back in the podcasting seat, especially without the stress of the editing.

So, if you liked The ParentCast last year, if you like this blog or just fancy some easy listening, give us a listen. We’re so that bad… honest…

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunesand Android or via Spreaker or our RSS feed.

Find out a bit more about the team and where to find us here



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