Pointing our feet (and our lens) on our next adventure with Mark Warner…

Mark Warner recently announced they are looking for their next wave of parent blogger ambassadors – cue the blogging world on fire with #MarkWarnerMum / #MarkWarnerDad posts, in which, we are to describe our perfect holiday.

‘The perfect holiday’ is hard to pin down. But one we’ve been looking forward to since we fell pregnant includes mountains, snow, fondue (and if Little Miss has her way, lots of singing ‘Do you wanna build a nomaaan‘. NB: this wasn’t in our original imagining…)


The OH and I have both hit the slopes almost every year since we were three and our mutual love of skiing was one of the reasons we originally got together. (The OH – who trained as a ski instructor in a previous life – likes to think he wowed me with his skills on the University ski trip. He didn’t realise I was letting him teach me things I already knew so we could spend time together…)

For us, learning to ski is almost a rite of passage for Little Miss and next season is set to be her big debut. We are so excited – the garish hand-me-down salopettes are already waiting in the wings.

The other flutter of excitement when we were pregnant (aside from the obvious) was thinking about the photography opportunities to come, not least our collection of Holiday Feet Photos.

On our first holiday together (celebrating our 21st birthdays) in idyllic Mauritius, we took a photo of our feet with the sunset in the background to commemorate the holiday. It became ‘our thing’ and we have taken a photo of our feet on holiday ever since. (The blog Finding Our Feet came years later and surprisingly, wasn’t actually related to this tradition at all.)

This collection of photos is incredibly close to our hearts and watching Little Miss grow through the collection has only made it more special to us from our first family holiday, to the holiday she took her first unassisted steps, to her first time seeing a beach. But I think the pièce de résistance will definitely be documenting her first time in ski boots.

We do, however, take photos of more than just our feet on holiday. (Because that would be weird.)

We’re predominantly self-taught, though the OH, the true photography fanatic between us, reads endless blogs and books on the topic.

He captures beautiful landscape shots with our DSLR (and for the first time in his life he’s now up in time to see the sunrise on holiday, thanks to Little Miss). He also has an eye for portraits, though these are becoming harder to set up with a whirling dervish toddler.

This is where I come in. Having spent two years at home with Little Miss, I have become rather skilled at ‘capturing the moment’. I too am never far from my camera; my iPhone is my weapon of choice, usually because I don’t have time to grab the proper camera. It’s more of a snap-it-or-miss-it affair.


Perhaps the more unusual aspect of our photography is that we never show our daughter’s face in full.

I started blogging twenty weeks into our rather unexpected pregnancy. As our due date neared, we started reading about the issues facing Little Miss’ generation – the first to grow up online. We took the decision to protect her identity as closely as possible until she is old enough to choose how she wants to interact with social media and the online world.

This, however, hasn’t stopped us capturing Little Miss on camera literally thousands of times over the past two years. We have a separate library for use on the blog, either that can be edited effectively or that are taken from an angle that doesn’t show her full face.

And I hope you’ll agree, we’ve gotten pretty good at it…

Disclaimer: although it may look like we’re a small family of three, we’re actually a family of six. Lambie, Doggie and Mog (the rabbit) would of course be accompanying us on any and all Mark Warner trips. Rest assured, they’re relatively low maintenance guests – it’s just Little Miss who’s a Diva without her nap…


See more Finding Our Feet photography on our Instagram feed, @findingourfeet.

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23 thoughts on “Pointing our feet (and our lens) on our next adventure with Mark Warner…

  1. Sophie Ray says:

    Always love your photos – such a great idea to capture the feet in all those different places, you’ll have lovely memories to look back on in years to come 🙂

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Thank you Sophie – now we’ve moved house, the plan is to put the Feet Photos on display somewhere too. We just need to get round to printing them off and figuring out where! x

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Thank you, they’re very special to us. I only found out about MW on Tuesday so been a bit of a mad rush choosing the photography and getting a YouTube channel set up to share the OH’s ski video, but hopefully that doesn’t come across! Thanks for taking the time to comment x

  2. Surreypam says:

    I’ve always loved your photos on the blog. They perfectly capture all those little moments with style and a smile. Love the feet!!!

  3. JamieTheDad says:

    Great photos guys! I keep trying to take pictures of my 2-year-old but he has some strange aversion to cameras and just pushes one out into his nappy whenever he sees the flash. If it’s not that, he’s trying to swallow the camera battery lol!

  4. maxsanders89 says:

    Fantastic guys! Love seeing such well composed pictures that capture the moment perfectly. Really enjoying reading the above post and look forward to hearing more. This has inspired me to take some photos of my little rascals on our next family holiday!

  5. Lynda says:

    Lovely photos as ever, they help to keep up with the progress of Little Miss from afar. When it’s not possible to see you Guys regularly xx

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