photo of mum dressed up as romanian gypsy for birthday party

Gypsy Mama {The Wonderful Ordinary 16}

A few weeks ago, Auntie Chatterbox called me with a special request (FYI, she’s eight);

Amie… You know it’s my birthday in February, well, we’re planning my party and we’re doing a sort of fortune teller gypsy theme. Well, Mummy says you used to be a Fortune teller so I was wondering if you would mind coming and reading my friends’ fortunes, please, please, please?

I feel I should pause at this point to clarify: I have never been a fortune teller at any point in my life. This was GranPam’s way of taking advantage of my drama background and dropping me in it so I couldn’t say no.

Well, on Saturday it was Auntie Chatterbox’s ninth birthday party and as requested, I became Mystic Amie for the day, complete with oh-so-PC Eastern European accent and homemade tarot cards.

My Mother-in-Law secretly provided me information about the girls attending such as their birth dates, which boy they like or what their hobbies were to give the allusion I really possessed clairvoyant skills. They came into my lair in groups of three to hear their fortunes and it worked a treat. Even the birthday girl was in awe of my fortune telling skills.

For the girl who’s parents were dentists, I saw a vision of teeth. For the girl who was ‘madly in love with Felix’, I saw a figure… a boy… and the letter F… For the girl who had recently changed schools, I saw much change in her life but the cards promised it would settle soon and she would find peace once again…

As the afternoon went on, I started to feel quite guilty conning all these eight year old girls! Apparently my MIL was receiving texts from the mums that nights saying their daughters were utterly convinced they were having ‘x’ children when they grew up or that their future held a crossroads and they would have to choose a path to follow…

Meanwhile, shortly before the party, my little Gypsy Baby was put down for her nap with a cuddly toy she had found in Auntie Chatterbox’s room at taken a liking to. Only, when the OH heard her calling for him to come and set her free after nap time, it turned out it wasn’t a cuddly toy but a pencil case full of marker pens.

We don’t think she did much napping in that hour. Oops…

Looks like Little Miss is right handed then.

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8 thoughts on “Gypsy Mama {The Wonderful Ordinary 16}

    • amiecaitlin says:

      It was quite unusual. All the girls came in gypsy style skirts with their mums’ scarf wrapped round them and bracelets with bells on and whatnot. They had fortune cookies each and decorated cake pops with bright colours and silver balls while they were waiting for their turn to have their fortunes told and then there was party games – they had a great time!

  1. hijackedbytwins says:

    Ha ha I love all the pen on her arm bless her! Looks like she had fun. What a great theme for a party x #mycapturedmoment

  2. Tim says:

    Heh, you might have been press-ganged into it but what a fab idea! Although surely a fortune teller should have seen Little Miss’s misadventure coming …? 😉

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