The Unemployed Mum becomes The Working Mum

That’s right, you read correctly. After two long years, last week I accepted an honest-to-God, full time, permanent position at a small but perfectly formed marketing agency.

After Christmas, as 2016 kicked off, I was feeling rather blue. In the lead up to Christmas, I had had six interviews in six weeks, including a couple of final round call backs. But as usual, slowly but surely, as Christmas drew near, they all called and gave me the bad news.

I was exhausted. And truthfully, as the two year anniversary of being made unemployed drew near, I was feeling like I couldn’t continue down this path much longer. The constant battle and rejection was soul destroying.

With moving house at the end of January, I was looking at this as a fresh start. We would be saving money on our rent, which meant we could last slightly longer with me unemployed, giving me a bit of breathing space to take a course or similar to try to bolster my CV.

Then, the week after New Year, I got a call from a recruiter I hadn’t heard from since September. (Truth be told, I thought she’d given up on me and had stopped pestering her.) She had a rather niche agency, for which I just might be the perfect candidate…

The Agency (as they shall be known on this blog) specialises in marketing to families with children under 11 and needed someone who could understand a client’s business objectives and shape them into an educational and ethical campaign acceptable to the target market.


As bold as this may be to say, the first interview was a breeze – almost a pleasure. I kept thinking, ‘I must be missing something. Surely it can’t be this easy?’ I just got on with the two interviewers so naturally, so well, it was as though we had been working together for years already and were just having a chat, rather than an interview.

When the recruiter rang me after, I was thrilled the hear The Agency had given similar feedback on the first interview and the second interview turned into more of a working meeting, discussing their existing and potential parent outreach on campaigns.

Well, I am absolutely over the moon to say they offered me the job.

Exactly two years and one day since I had been made redundant.

The relief when the recruiter told me was so great I was choking back tears on the phone – and I’m not a crier. My job hunt was over. After two long years of money worries, stress, application forms, interviews, rejections and feeling like my life was on pause yet running at warp speed as I watched Little Miss grow from tiny newborn to whirling-dervish-toddler before my very eyes, I was going back to work.

Earlier that same week, I was called into a different agency by a marketing contact for an impromptu interview. They were much bigger than The Agency, more digitally focussed and I would have been working on the global accounts. In a total twist of fate, I ended up with a second job offer.

I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t seem real that after so long I suddenly had such luck.

It was an incredibly difficult decision. They were totally different marketing agencies that both had potential to kick start my career once more but in potentially quite different directions. The OH and I opened a bottle of bubbles and sat with the two offers on the table going round and round in circles discussing everything from proximity to the new house to financial implications to what we thought each may offer in terms of longer-term career prospects.

In the end, I accepted the role at The Agency. It felt like the right choice for me professionally and for us as a family at this time.

And so, I am very, very excited to say that as of February 25th, 2016, I will be a Working Mum. Not a Stay At Home Mum. Not an Unemployed Mum. A Working Mum.


Wish me luck!


15 thoughts on “The Unemployed Mum becomes The Working Mum

  1. Tim says:

    So pleased for you, Amie – and it really does sound like a perfect fit for you. It’s been a pretty eventful 2016 for you already and we’re barely into February! 🙂

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Thanks Tim! I know – two birthdays, an anniversary, moving house & a job is a pretty decent start to any year. Throw in starting a new podcast and we’re flying, right?! Roll on 2016, hey!

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