photo of toddler inside a moving box

Moving house with a toddler: prepped and ready to launch

So, tomorrow’s the big day. 

We are surrounded by boxes – most of which Little Miss has customised with her crayons – and we are already knackered.  

We’ve spent the past few weeks building Little Miss up to the idea. Unfortunately because of the distance, we haven’t been able to visit since we first saw the property but we’ve been showing her photos of the new house and the garden, explaining what’s going to happen; drawing pictures of our apartment block then the new house with us (and Lambie and Mog and Doggie) all at the new house.   

But the big one is packing the boxes, explaining we need to put our things in the boxes to go to the new house. You can see the cogs working in Little Miss’ head as she processes this and has watched me pack up the apartment over the week. 

She’s been very helpful, patting the tape down as I build the box and in her room, I’ve made a big deal of her choosing what goes in which box as she repeats, “my things, my box, new house” – which hopefully is her processing and understanding! 

There’s been a few tense moments when she’s not wanted to put things in the box and I’ve wondered, ‘is this it? The moment the penny drops and she loses it because we’re leaving the safe and known?’ But so far, we seem to be ok… 


Helping with packing… sort of…


Little Miss’ boxes were all specially customised .


Rediscovering toys she hasnt’t played with in ages as they get put into boxes. It took quite a while to pack Little Miss’ room!


Mustn’t forget the most important things! (These guys got packed into every box and wrapped a dozen times. Mog got sealed in a box by mistake somewhere along the way. Whoops!)


Playing ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ on repeat on day three of packing to keep her entertained… Meanwhile, Mama goes slightly mad…


Daddy helped her customise this one, drawing the whole extended family for her.


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10 thoughts on “Moving house with a toddler: prepped and ready to launch

  1. Rachael says:

    Good luck with the move! I’m sure Little Miss will be fine, I think these things take us adults longer to adjust to but we can’t help but worry about the little ones! 🙂

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Thanks Rachael; sorry I’m so late with comment replies, been a busy few weeks as you can imagine! And I think you might be right; Little Miss is settling into her new nursery this week and this morning walked straight through the gate without so much as a glance back!

  2. debsrandomwritings says:

    Hi, I don’t see how you could possibly have managed all that packing without the help of ‘Little Miss’! Colour coding boxes is a sure must do.

    You sound as if you are handling it all rather grandly, it’s a big thing to leave the comfort of a familiar house when you are an adult let alone a child. I hope that the move (which is quite possibly happening as I type this) goes smoothly.


    • amiecaitlin says:

      Thanks Debs; luckily I’m quite a seasoned moved with moving around so much when I was little, so wasn’t overly stressed, no. The toddler was a new addition for me, but thankfully she was on top form!

  3. Theresa Cox says:

    Moving with a toddler is definitely hard but also it is fun! Toddlers are so funny because they are so curious and find everything so interesting. I had to move with my son and my husband two years ago when my son was two and he was also drawing on the boxes. It was really a difficult move! Good luck with settling in the new house!

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Hi Theresa, thanks for taking the time to comment. The move went strangely smoothly thank goodness! Just haven’t had a time to get back on the blog yet to talk about it. Unpacking awaits.

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