2015 Top Reads

Since becoming a parent, I have a new appreciation of time. Mainly because, no matter how hard I try, I have very little of it.

Before I was a Mama, I used to read books by the dozen. Back in the day, I demolished the Hunger Games trilogy in about nine days and I used to actually enjoy the two hour train commute to Slough (occasionally) as it was two hours of pure reading time.

Then I fell pregnant and my shelves turned into a baby and parenting library. And as I got more and more into blogging, I spent more time reading other blogs and online articles than books.

So in January, I said to myself read just one book this year. Cover to cover. An honest to god fiction book with characters and a plot.

Guess what; I read two. Sadly for me, neither were very good. Better luck next year…

However! I thought I’d take this opportunity to provide you with a list of reading material I have enjoyed this year. If you enjoy Finding Our Feet, hopefully you’ll think these guys are pretty special and worth a moment of your time too.

On that note – thank you to all my readers. With time in such short supply, I am very grateful you should use some of your precious moments with me and my family on our blog. Hopefully see you in 2016 too.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 13.04.35
A fellow twenty-something Mama (though she’s a Bournemouth Beach-B/Mum rather than a City Mouse) to adorable Amelia. Alice & Amelia (previously ‘New Young Mum’) began after Alice unexpectedly found out she was pregnant three years ago. Since then she has shared their life together, baking, crafting and splashing in waves in wellies.

Two posts that particularly stood out for me this year were Where’s My Daddy | a letter to my daughter and Chickpea Sensory Play.

Also, definitely check out Alice’s Instagram account @newyoungmum. Her beach fun photos and Amelia’s cheeky face never fail to make me smile.

Fellow Londoner and good friend Natasha of Mama Duck Quacks is mum to lovely three year old, ‘S’. She documents life as a single mum, encouraging others to ‘parent gently’ and to travel with their children as much as possible. (Natasha and S are constantly jetting between London, Sri Lanka, here, there and everywhere thanks to a very multicultural family set up!) She writes some very thought provoking posts on parenting and responses to current trending articles and events.

A particular favourite of mine this year was her piece on Raising Independant Boys, looking at how traditionally patriarcal Indian culture has shifted to empower young girls to dream big and reach for the stars, but how the boys have been left behind as a result.

Running in Lavender can only described as simply ‘lovely’. Written with such warmth, it’s filled with laughter, love and happiness. Heledd, her hubby and their two girls (soon to be three!) live in Surrey and always seem to be having a whale of a time together, whether that’s baking, visiting the Teletubbies or indeed, running in the lavender fields near their house.

Heledd also runs the weekly links #mycapturedmoment which I thoroughly enjoy joining (almost) every week.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 13.05.19
Looking at life from the other perspective, Dave is a stay at home Dad (or, ‘House Husband,’ if you will) to Toddler L and hubby to ‘The Missus’. With a somewhat blunt and honest style, The DADventurer is a refreshing look at parenting and told with a knowing smile. Highly recommended.

He can also usually be found on Twitter (@dadventurer) with pithy parenting banter.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 13.05.47
I recently discovered this  insanely inspiring kids craft and activity blog as Little Miss became a fully fledged toddler. I’ve turned to The Imagination Tree for ideas for counting, reading, colours, crafts and more.

The Imagination Tree is also home to the Kindness Elves, which I very much look forward to introducing next year when Little Miss is old enough to understand.

Anna is a primary school teacher and mum of three with apparently no end to her imagination.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 14.38.37

Another recent discovery; fellow twenty-something-unexpectant-Mama, Maddy, over at The Speed Bump always makes me laugh whether discussing Speed Bump’s first Comicon (their equivalent of a first Holy Communion) or how tobattle the will of a toddler. She has a great writing style, managing to find the humour in the darkest of parenting moments while also studying for and graduating from her Masters. Kudos Maddy!

Two posts that particularly caught my attention this year were A Toddler’s Personal Statement (this even got the OH laughing and he’s a tough audience when it comes to parenting chatter!) and Stigma Is Alive And Well, discussing the issues us mums still sadly face.


5 thoughts on “2015 Top Reads

  1. Tim says:

    A good selection, Amie, including a couple I haven’t come across before (and, sadly, Dave, who I can’t get away from …(!)). Will check those out. Have a happy New Year!

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Ha, yeh, Dave is a bit like a bad penny… Was determined to keep the list short as I feel like top ten’s or twenty’s, people don’t actually then take the time to check out the ones you recommend.
      All the best for 2016, hopefully see you on the circuit again at some point. x

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