How To: Make a Felt Christmas Tree (for the Uncrafty Mama!)

  I feel a bit of a fraud writing this blog post. I’m not artsy, I can’t sew (back in the day, my textiles teacher actually asked me not to consider Textiles GCSE!) and although I enjoy ‘crafts’, I wouldn’t say I’m exactly a natural…

I’m usually more one of those featured in the Pinterest ‘#nailedit’ category than the ‘you were repinned a trillion times for your awesomeness’ category.

But the other day I posted a photo on Facebook and Instagram of a felt Christmas tree I had made for Little Miss and turns out it was really popular, people even asking where I got my felt. So I thought I’d share my new (and probably fleeting) crafty Mama skills!

But before I start, for any non-crafty Mamas out there or nay-sayers; I haven’t seen Little Miss this enamoured with a toy, possibly ever. She played with it for nearly an hour on Sunday before dinner, then again before bed and on Monday morning she ran straight to it ready to start all over again. So with regards to ROI on your time and resources, I think this is the most successful anything I’ve ever done for Little Miss – crafty or otherwise.

You will need: 

  • 1 metre tree coloured felt -recommend dark green, in case that wasn’t obvious! (I used this felt at £5.10 per metre.)
  • Approximately five to eight A4 sheets of felt in a selection of colours (I used this pack for £4.44)
  • Scissors (preferably fabric scissors; if not, just make sure they’re sharp)
  • Either glue or a needle and thread (NB: you don’t need anything as flashy as a glue gun but prittstick isn’t going to cut it. You’ll need a squeezey bottle of glue.)
  • Any extras you like; bells, buttons, even glitter if you’re feeling brave!

The great thing about this, is it could probably be pulled together during a nap time if you glue rather than sew and go for ‘basic baubles’ (ie, just coloured circles) rather than all singing, all dancing decorated baubles and lights.

 Then, you need to:

  1. Cut your green felt into a triangle. It should be a metre high rather than a metre wide.
  2. Use your A4 sheets of coloured felt to create the decorations and lights. (This is the time consuming bit.) don’t forget a star or an angel for the top.
  3. For the lights, I cut a template out of card and cut round it so my lights all looked vaguely similar. For the little top hat, I did the same but on the black felt then stuck them together. (I started off sewing but this took way too long for a crafty novice like me.)
  4. I sewed bells to our tree too, to give that extra little sensory experience (and it was extra Christmassy). You could also use these to dangle actual decorations off if you wanted too, but I think that would just end in a ripped tree in our house! (Little Miss doesn’t really understand ‘gentle’.)

Hang it up and voila! You have a felt Christmas tree for your little one to decorate to their heart’s content.

With thanks to Pepper Design Blog who gave me the idea. 


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