photo of toddler and christmas fairy lights

Christmas 2.0 {The Wonderful Ordinary 14}

This year is our second Christmas with Little Miss. And while we’re still finding our feet (ha ha ha, see what I did there) with family traditions and what Christmas is to us, there’s one tradition that we started last year without even realising…

Last year, we were all hit with a sick bug the weekend we planned to put up our Christmas tree and so we weren’t able to hit up the Christmas market to buy a little something to sparkle on the top of our tree. So in our sickly state we placed a hedgehog finger puppet on top instead. As you do.

This year, in many ways, not much has changed. With me still unemployed, times are tighter than ever, so our teeny tiny £5 tree is still going strong (though we’ve managed more than six decorations this year!) and Little Miss is still infatuated with twinkly lights and confused by ‘crackers’ that aren’t actually ‘crackers’.

But we no longer have a hedgehog on top of our tree. No, no. This year, we have a little angel… of sorts…

Image 6-5

The ridiculousness of having a hedgehog atop our tree last year has spawned our first family tradition. Each year, Little Miss gets to choose a toy to have a tree stuck up their bum.

We started off with Minnie Mouse, but Little Miss got so upset at the prospect of Minnie on top of the tree that we swapped her for Upsy Daisy. This appeased Little Miss and there she’s sat ever since.

Another family tradition from my childhood is that each year we get a new decoration to represent the year. This is a tradition very close to my heart that creates a wonderful ‘family tree’ over the years. And I’m very, very happy to say that our little family Christmas tree is slowly starting to take shape, starting with a decoration from the Christmas I was pregnant, a baby’s first Christmas decoration from last year and this year, Little Miss’ first pair of shoes are hanging from the branches.

What Christmas traditions are close to your family’s heart?

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13 thoughts on “Christmas 2.0 {The Wonderful Ordinary 14}

  1. Tim says:

    Ha, I love this as a tradition. Our kids have always had small table-top trees in their bedrooms that they are allowed to decorate as they wish – we take them out to buy a new decoration to add every year. More recently, they have also inherited our old (and slightly wonky) family tree, which they have in their playroom – it becomes the repository for all the old handmade school/preschool decorations from previous years, which is kind of nice (and means they don’t have to go on our main tree …)

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Hopefully we’ll have a proper tree next year & this tiny tree can become Little Miss’ rather than our actual tree! But no ornament marginalisation will occur – Shearer tradition dictates all homemade ornaments will remain on our main tree! Much to the OH’s dismay I’m sure!

      • Tim says:

        Definitely worth sticking with the tradition! We were similar, although after three kids with a combined dozen years or so of decoration-making between them a degree of marginalisation has become a necessity rather than a choice … 🙂

  2. cosmochicklitan says:

    How unique! I bet you are the only ones with an Upsy Daisy on top of the tree! I love your family traditions! This year is our little one’s 3rd Christmas and each year we are adding the ornaments she makes at nursery to the tree. These absolutely mean the world to us!! #MyCapturedMoment

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Your little one must really know what’s going on this year then? Santa and everything must be in full swing this year!
      Little Miss gets that it’s something special but at not quite 2 she still not quite clicked yet.

  3. Lisa@intotheglade says:

    Awww!! That’s a great tradition, I love the idea of the shoes. I have to say upsy Daisy looks rather good sat up there. All of our traditions revolve around food I’m afraid and a trip to the pantomime. A lovely captured moment to look back on. I’m hoping that 2016 turns out to be your year lovely xxx

  4. Rachael says:

    Aw I love your tradition! The shoe is so cute 🙂
    Our traditions are putting up the tree on December 1st. It so far only has one handmade decoration on it, am thinking we might start making and adding more now to make it more personal…. We also try to have a family treat day before the big day, with this year’s treat being a trip to the theatre to see The Tiger who Came To Tea!

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