Gifts for a New Mum or Mum-to-be

I’m excited to announced I am the newest resident blogger over on

The site helps match you with other parents (mainly mums) online who share your interests, location and/or children’s ages. There is also a chat forum, but the main focus appears to be making connections one-to-one to find the mums you click with.

The site launched only eight months ago but already there’s a reach of 10,000 mums online. I’ve shared my unsuccessful Speed Mumming experience in the past and more recently celebrating the importance of Mum Friends – because who else understands why you crawl in the cot with your son at 3am?

So when founder Sally offered me the chance join her blogging team, I was more than happy to help support.

Below is my first blog post on the site that went live on Friday, Gifts For A New Mum.

You can view my blogger profile, here.

Gifts for a new mum, or mum-to-be

When you’re pregnant everyone remembers baby, but few think to buy Mama a gift. Despite the fact she feels like crap and is growing a second human.

So my mummy friends and I put our heads together to provide you with a list of great gifts for all budget sizes for new mums and Mamas-to-be.

1. Netflix subscription
content-mainimgEveryone in my mummy friend gang has Netflix. We are all completely and utterly addicted and don’t know how we’d have survived the last 18 months, never mind the early days, without it. And if nothing else, hopefully Mama will have some time to kill on Mat Leave before the baby makes an appearance. Help her relax and enjoy the last few days of freedom she has…

Netflix gift cards come in £15, £25 and £50 increments. from WH Smiths, Dixons, GAME, Argos, Morrisons and ASDA. Find a stockist near you here.

2. New Mama Hamper
dontbuyherflowers thermos box.pngI absolutely love Don’t Buy Her Flowers; a care package and gift box service set up by Mum of two Steph after she received eight bouquets celebrating the birth of her first child – just what every new mum wants, something else to look after and find space for!

The Some Like It Hot hamper is just £ 17.50 (for one) or £26.50 (for two). It includes Cartwright & Butler Shortbread biscuits, tea or hot chocolate and thermos mug – because sadly, it’s every mother’s truth, whether your child is six days or six years old, just as you pour the kettle, you hear, “Maaaaamaaaaaa!”. Make sure Mama’s tea stays warm while it waits for her to return.

3. Concealer3322_Clarins_concealer stickSad and sorry truth about new parenthood; the bags will come, the dark circles will be deep. There’s no escaping it. There’s not much time for make up in the early days (or later to be honest) but a lick of concealer under yours eyes can make you feel human again when you look in the mirror after only four hours sleep.

Why not try this Clarins Concealer Stick at £19.50 or Clinique Even Better Concealer cream at £19. Don’t forget to consider her skin tone before you buy.

4. A year’s supply of dry shampoo
Full range shot copy.jpgAs with the concealer, dry shampoo can be a lifesaver when time is in short supply and energy running low.

Twelve cans of Bastiste come in at a tidy £23.88.

5. OnesieUnknownI was given a onesie at my baby shower and I basically lived in it for the first three months (ok, maybe longer…) of Little Miss’ life. It needs no more explanation than that.

Get one that fits Mama’s usual size (or maybe one size up) so it fits after giving birth as well. The above example is £16 from F&F but you can also find them in Debenhams and on ASOS.COM. Or go all out and buy a bespoke, personalised onesie from The All In One Company (starting at £64.50).

6. Pregnancy Spa Treatment(s) 
dreamstime_xl_55130488.jpgMost of my mummy friends received a pregnancy spa treatment. And we were all really, really grateful for it! When you’re as big as a whale, as heavy as an ox and exhausted from it all, you just want a bit of pampering.

Most spas, big and small, will offer special pregnancy related treatments including facials and massages. It’s important to book pre-natal specific treatment(s) as massage releases toxins into the body and certain oils and products shouldn’t be used during pregnancy. Spas offering specific pre-natal treatments will be aware of the do’s and don’t’s and make sure Mama and baby are safe, sound and ultra relaxed.

Champneys (from £55), Luminis (£65), Clarins (£49) and Elemis (££) day spas all offer pregnancy treatments, but be sure to call your mum-to-be’s local salon as well to see if they offer anything. A manicure and pedicure would also do the trick.

7. Colouring book and colouring pencils/marker pens
9781909855793Colouring books for adults are all the rage at the moment, promoting relaxation and mindfulness. What better way to calm Mama’s mind ahead of the big day?

Try I Love You Mum (£4.99) or Mum’s Beautiful Colouring Book (£3.95), both available on Amazon.

In summary, if nothing here takes your fancy, imagine the worst hang over you’ve ever had. What did you want the afternoon after the night before? Now go buy that. Because it’s likely to be the same as what a new Mama wants.



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