A family tradition close to our hearts (and our toes)

Six years ago, the Other Half and I went on our first proper holiday together. We’d already been together a year and we’d been on the Uni ski trip with our friends, but that didn’t really count.

So, we spent all the money we got for our 21st birthdays and splashed out on 12 amazing days in Mauritius (ignoring the part where I got salmonella on a yacht… I digress).

While on this holiday, we took a photo of our feet at sunset. And thus started the ‘Feet Photo’ tradition. Ever since, we’ve taken photos of our feet to remember the holiday.

And in 2014, a third little pair of toes was added to the collection.

These photos are incredibly special to us. When I was pregnant, one of the first things we thought of that started to bring excitement rather than shock and panic was the fact we’d be able to include the baby in our Feet Photos. One day, we’ll own our own place and be able to put these photos up in a frame, telling our family’s story. But for now, they remain in digital format only…

Surprisingly, when I was rebranding the blog over the summer, these photos didn’t inspire our new name. But they certainly helped make it feel like the perfect fit.

Mauritius - 0007

Mauritius, 2010


Courcheval, France, 2011


Val-D’isere, France, 2012


Provence, France, 2012


Megève, France, 2013


Provence, France, 2014


Umbria, Italy, 2014


Surrey, UK, 2015


Umbria, Italy, 2015


Provence, France, 2015


Whitstable, UK, 2015

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See more Finding Our Feet photography on our Instagram feed, @findingourfeet.

This post is part of the My Captured Moment linky from Running In Lavender


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