“Bitch.” “Happy!”

I think last weekend was one of our best weekends ever.

We’ve been saying we’ll go to Whitstable on the Kent coast for ages and so last week, a bit spur of the moment, we booked our first ever Airbnb (bit ashamed it’s taken us this long really) and on Friday afternoon, we were off, buggy, suitcase and travel cot in tow.

Little Miss had never seen the “bitch” before (and rather unfortunately, it turns out she can’t say ‘beach…). Despite the weather, she was a fan almost immediately; tentatively at first tip toeing up to the tide as it lapped the shore then running head first in the direction of the waves as we chased her down. She was throwing rocks into the surf and searching for crabs in low tide regardless of the 15mph winds nearly knocking her over!

Though to be honest, we should have guessed we were onto a winner with anything that meant her wearing her wellies all weekend!

Being Bonfire weekend, it was also Little Miss’ first experience of fireworks. On Friday night we couldn’t tear her away from the window. She was completely taken with them, crying, “happy!” every time one went off. On Saturday we managed to blag our way into a locals’ bonfire celebration on the bitch, much to Little Miss’ delight. Ever since, every time she hears a bang she points asking, “happy?” very hopefully.

Whitstable is a renowned foodie destination, which suited us well. We’re usually casually strict (if that’s a thing) about Little Miss’ salt-free-very-minimal-sugar diet but as we were on our holidays, we were more relaxed than usual. She got to try raspberry sorbet, had jam on toast most mornings and chips galore. Though we learnt (the hard way) not to show her the chips until after she’s finished the rest of her plate. Whoops! We also discovered Little Miss loves octopus and squid, devouring a plateful on more than one occasion.

I couldn’t choose just one or two moments from this week as we’d had such a lovely time in Whitstable. So here’s a collection of moments from the weekend instead.




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9 thoughts on ““Bitch.” “Happy!”

  1. Clare Thomson says:

    I enjoyed reading your piece. I love Whitstable! We had a great few days there a few years ago – it’s perfect for small children. I love how you can let your children have more foodie treats when you’re away. I’m always far more relaxed about what I’ll let mine eat on holiday.

    • amiecaitlin says:

      Hi Clare, it really is a great place for young children. Little Miss is lactose intolerant unfortunately so we still have to carry something on us at all times just in case there’s not an option for her on the menu, but we managed to find something almost everywhere luckily last weekend. Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Heledd - Running in Lavender says:

    Ha ha ha Love the ‘bitch’!! We love Whitstable and AirBNB, it’s such a great option for weekend away and even holidays. These are all beautiful shots of your weekend away, you have such a good eye. Thank you as always for linking up #MyCapturedMoment xxx

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