Sensory Play – Mama gets her act together

IMG_0541-1So, I was quite late to the ‘Sensory Play’ party. This trend totally passed me by.

But, to be honest, it strikes me as just normal play before we had screens and all singing, all dancing plastic…
But maybe I’m still missing the point…

We have done some sensory play unwittingly – basic stuff like building forts, bashing pots and pans with wooden spoons (a personal favourite of Little Miss’) and water play.

But a friend with a daughter 3 months older than Little Miss always posts pictures of Baby A’s daily sensory tray. Everything from toys hidden in sand or shaving foam to bits of ribbon to play with… Her imagination seems endless.

Then came the day she created a play house with fairy lights and ribbons out of a cardboard box, with animals printed on the sides.

Stacking cups, reading stories and walks in the woods are great. But let’s face it. I needed to raise my game a little bit. Nothing like a bit of Mummy Peer Pressure to help you get your ass in gear, right?

So, I hit Pinterest. Hard. I started an ideas board began our sensory adventure. Safe to say, it’s been quite the success with Little Miss…

RIBBONS! A firm favourite of Little Miss’ to date. (I’ve had to hide the tin on top of the wardrobe!)

Cloud Dough – so much fun (even for me!) but so, so messy.


Colouring on giant pieces of paper taped to the floor has been a massive win with Little Miss.

For sensory play ideas, recipes and more, check out our Pinterest board. Don’t worry, there’s some non-messy play ideas in there as well.


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